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Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect Announced For Smartphones

You may remember that the official Bravely Default Twitter account was teasing some Bravely related news a month or so back? Well, it turns out that what they have been working on is a smartphone game titled Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect. The game, which is exclusive to mobile platforms, will come out in 2017 and the team will be running a closed beta test for Google’s android platform.

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19 thoughts on “Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect Announced For Smartphones”

  1. My modem of thought is: if the mobile gane can act as a sufficent supplemantary to the main series of games, I’m all for it.

    In other words, they can make spin-offs in any form as long as Bravely Third remains great! 😄

  2. Nooooooo! I totally wanted Bravely Third on Switch. I guess this doesn’t mean it won’t happen but still…I guess if it’s a cool game I hope it comes to the US.

    1. FFXV is looking pretty good. FF 1-10 was superb. I never got into 11, but 12 was ok. 13 is where the series took a turn for the worse with 13, 13/2, and Lightning Returns. 14 is another MMO like 11. It isn’t bad but there is literally ZERO challenge in the game until you reach end game content so that ruins the game for me. I think most people’s beef with FF is if you weren’t into MMO’s. That really meant FFX was the last game you could truly enjoy. (12 was just mediocre) After X you had an MMO, mediocre 12, the weak 13 series, and then another MMO…. So you could say the FF series hit a slow point between X and XV. But for the most part the FF games were really good.

      1. … oops. I think my statement had no context. My apologies for that misunderstanding.

        I actually like Final Fantasy games, and even many of their spin-offs are pretty decent (Explorers come to mind) As a matter of fact, I’m planning on buying FFXV when it comes out.

        My statement was based on my annoyance that Final Fantasy moved from Nintendo platforms to PlayStation platforms starting with VII (This did lead me to the PlayStation however…). I understand why (the cartridges were smaller than the 800MB(?) PlayStation CDs), but it was still annoying. Honestly, the controls on Nintendo’s systems feel better when playing FF than on PlayStation (the X, O, Square, Triangle thing still screws me up a little compared to A, B, X, Y*). So for the Bravely series, I’m hoping that they don’t move the series to mobile platforms or somewhere else. We’ll see if it actually happens (right now, I doubt it), but this concerns me a little.

        Also, yes, I’m not too fond of playing MMOs due to their demanding game tactics and I’d rather not get fired from missing work (because unlike most people, I actually like my job :/). Furthermore, yes, FFXIII wasn’t up to my standards either (and the DLC did feel like I was being ripped off). FFXIV… from what I heard, they fixed a lot of their problems (I did play it at launch and it didn’t feel fun to for me. It might change later, but right now, it’s staying in the storage room).

        * For the record, I’m perfectly fine with knowing which button is which, but for some reason, I get thrown off when playing FF; I hate needing to look at the controller unless I need to (e.g.: looking at the GamePad, it’s a handheld, etc.)

  3. By the by, I loved the first game but it’s already the worst in the series. No one tell me they enjoyed the glaringly repetetive crystal smashing for the best ending. Especially when the game doesn’t give you even a half-idea of how to get out of the time loop.

    But the characters, dialogue and battle system? Fuckin’ superb. So people saying the games are going downhill – what the fuck are you talking about? They literally improved on all the faults and wrinkles of the first instalment.

    1. Maybe if some of you actually did the side quests instead of trying to rush the game, maybe you could have enjoyed the second half more. Because I fucking LOVED the second half as I got to see different versions of characters & even got to see some return & not actually die by my hands in some worlds. So yes. Yes I can say with all honesty that I enjoyed the second half. Some games make you jump through hoops to get alternate endings or even true endings. Bravely Default ended up being one such game.

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