eBay Sellers Are Charging Up To $999 For The Lucrative NES Mini

The NES Classic Edition is proving a hit with consumers but it’s also extremely hard to get hold of one. eBay sellers are notorious for selling the items above the recommended retail price as the NES Classic Edition has proved to be no exception. At the time of writing some are retailing for the extortionate price of $999 which has left fans fuming. Nintendo of America decided not to open pre-orders on the console which has left people with no choice but to queue up for one. Thankfully, Amazon will be opening pre-orders for the NES Classic Edition at 2pm PT but even they have said that stock is extremely limited.



    1. Sadly, like Sid said, it’s Nintendo once again sending out shitty stock to create some kind of demand for it. Let’s just hope, unlike the rare amiibo like Lucina & Smash Meta Knight fiasco, they react within days to this, not months or even years. :/ Whatever the case, Nintendo needs to send out an immediate warning that there will be more NES Minis later. Otherwise, this is just going to either piss a lot of people off or leave some of the less intelligent people broke as they spend way more than they should have on something that’s gonna get restocked later.

  1. I have most of these games on VC or the original console. I’ll buy this mini console in a year or whenever it’s easy to get a hold of, pretty much as a collector’s item.

  2. Ugh, once again, Nintendo proves to me how fucking lost with the times they really are. They are money hungry and lifeless to their fans. They don’t push the Wii U anymore, so they tell fans to fuck off with that. They don’t bring out the Switch for the christmas holidays, yet, they try to sell people off with a fucking older than Christ system with 30 games that are all over the Wii, Wii U and 3DS virtual console. To bring it to full circle, these fuckers give limit supplies to hype the system up and make it seem like its this rare and fucking bigger than Jesus item. Dudes will do all they can to butt-rape their fans off fucking nostalgia like morons. Shit like this is why I wonder if the Switch will really make tracks in the gaming world, when the PS4 is showing how well they can do with their only third-party and exclusives. And Xbox just sucks, as always.

      1. While we know it will be restocked later, it doesn’t excuse the shitty initial stock. If Nintendo isn’t paying attention to the demand of this NES Mini before it even releases, why should we expect them to react fast to the demand for the Switch when it releases?

          1. Agreed, still this is somewhat good news if you think about it. If that demand is extremely high as they are showing now, then there is hope yet for switch. Here is what I mean:

            These greedy fuckers are actually helping nintendo prove there is a high demand…and unless those asses drop the price like oooooh 857 dollars, they will sell, a bit of a small profit, buuuut it works and you still can buy more to keep in stock…for nintendo, its a profit either way, they get their price money, they make more once they see the demand. the better the demand, the better switch will look, lesser price for the launch date…(or so that’s my theory on it but knowing nintendo, that won’t happen anyway).

  3. this is why i don’t buy them at high prices because im not stupid enough to pay $999 for a console that is $60 and if my math is correct the lower price is the best option. amiibos are the other items i won’t pay at high prices, $25 is my limit for one and that is including shipping. thankfully i have been able to buy some amiibos at my price range and even lower.

  4. I got one. You had to be at the store 2-3 hours before to get one though. You still have a chance with Amazon at 4pm centeal /2pm Pacific time if you really wamt one. Im sure they’ll be restocked soon though.

    1. I give Nintendo 2 months before they restock it, if not longer. Remember when amiibo sold out in less than 2 hours? Some of them STILL haven’t gotten restocked yet. Sure we’ve heard they are “working on it” after a year or 2 of being sold out but we all know Nintendo’s words are just as meaningless. :/

      Speaking of, I wonder if there are any Smash Meta Knight left in stock overseas that I can import for under 30 bucks, because I highly doubt they’ll restock it in the States since they got the Kirby Edition of Meta Knight to distribute. Knowing those fucktards at NoA, they probably see the Kirby Edition as a nice replacement. :/

      1. If I were you, I would try to get it through PlayAsia- I was able to import Wario through them for ten bucks, including shipping. Sure, it takes like a month, but it’s better than giving in to scalpers who charge three times the MSRP for just one.

        1. Luckily for me, I don’t need the thing. The only games I’d end up playing would be Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros., & Super Mario Bros. 3. I’d be wasting money buying this thing for only 3 games.

          1. See, I never had an NES, so I missed out on classics like Contra and Ghosts n Goblins. This looks like a fine way for me to make up for that loss, and not spending 5 bucks per game on a now-proven inferior Wii U VC port.

      2. ||We will already restock them before your holidays and the christmas one…||

        ||You see, the more you beg for what we have, the more power we have, it’s inevitable…||

  5. Don’t pay that much for one. They will go back in stock again. Nintendo only has a few holiday games coming out, this is sure to get re-stocked to make bank.

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