Here’s A Gallery Of Images From The NES Classic Edition Launch Party at Nintendo NY Store

Yesterday was the day when Nintendo held a launch party for the NES Classic Edition. It was held at the Nintendo NY Store. Some images from the event were recently posted, and we’ve included a gallery of them for you to check out down below, if you want to.



  1. Nintendo really dropped the ball with doing the same exact thing here that they did with amiibo. I (and many others) was planning on getting this, but Nintendo decided to under stock it.

    If they can’t get these more common by early December, then I really don’t know why Nintendo even bothered with making this system, other than giving scalpers more ammunition. It could have easily been a fantastic-selling device with people raving about it, but all you can see now are people complaining about the extremely low stock everywhere (with 3-6 consoles coming in for many, many stores in the US).

    1. Its not even out for sale on Amazon yet! in 2 hours the amazon store will go live plus you can go to several other stores like target or best buy today and they will be available, so yeah, you are really complaining just to complain, i don’t even believe you really want to buy it xD
      Good day!

      1. And watch it sell out on Amazon in less than 30 minutes since there are no lines to wait in. Not to mention Amazon admitted even their stock is very limited. As for Target & Best Buy, I bet they sold out of the thing, too. But no. No. You go on defending Nintendo’s shitty stock while also making excuses like “You must not really want the thing if you are on the internet complaining.” Yeah. Because people totally come online to bitch before actually trying to see if the stores near them have any stock of the thing they want.

    2. ||But you must continue to beg and kneel if you want more, then you shall find that we are kind unlike the cruel Xbots of corruption…||

    3. I don’t think they are really doing this on purpose. I got a mail a month ago from the place I ordered already warning about shortages because Nintendo said they had encountered production problems. It also said there would be tons of new stock before the holidays etc. I don’t think you should automatically assume they’ve done this on purpose…

  2. I do want to buy it. All of the stores near me ran out very soon. I do hope Amazon can mitigate the problem a bit, but I have my doubts to be honest.

    I just want Nintendo to do well, but they keep making decisions that I can’t agree with at all. I honestly hope that Nintendo can make a comeback in integrity with the Switch, but we’ll have to wait and see for that.

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