Video: Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect Mobile Gameplay Shows Off Character Creator, Towns And Cutscenes

One of the most surprising announcements last week was the reveal of Bravely Default Fairy’s Effect for mobile platforms. We knew the development team had something in the works but we were completely unsure what to expect. Well, we ended up with a mobile title that to be fair does look relatively promising. A Bravely Default fan has released a video showcasing the character creator, towns and some gorgeous cutscenes in the beta.


      1. I wish I could forget. But it’s hard when I’ve seen him on nearly every single article I’ve come to today.

    1. This more likely looks like a spin-off if anything.

      But… seeing that a couple of FF main games are MMOs, I wouldn’t be surprised if THIS was Bravely Third and the next game goes back to where it was before.

      1. Hopefully you’re right about it being a spin-off. Since it’s not called Bravely Third (or some other title) but uses ‘Default’ instead hopefully means it will be a similar case to the numbered Final Fantasies and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

        1. That’s another possibility.

          Either way, let’s just hope it doesn’t move to another platform (and if it does, hopefully the Switch will be in its list).

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