Jakks Pacific Shows Off World Of Nintendo Prototypes And Trophy Figures

Jakks Pacific, who are officially authorised to release Nintendo related toys, have showcased some of their lovely new designs on Twitter. The new designs are the Prototype and Trophy series of figures. The World of Nintendo Prototype series has various black and white figures while the Trophy series are completely in gold. Each of these World of Nintendo lines is labeled are special edition and include four figures. Jakks Pacific says these sets will be out just in time for Christmas so be on the look-out for them at your favourite retailer.


  1. Man these just look terrible. Sorry I’m so negative, but for real. These look like import toys from China you’d find at an everything’s a dollar store…

  2. Just seems like more of the same. I thought we had most of these already. And the gold figures seem pretty pointless to me, but maybe I just don’t see the appeal.

    1. New 3DS XL. Start enjoying games now. Why wait 5 months for a Switch when the console release could end up like the NES Classic? If that happens we’re all screwed and it’s going to be years 2006-2008 all over again. (The Great Wii Drought) There are so many amazing games out for the 3DS that will never come out for the Switch. Get the 3DS. You’ll always be able to get a switch, even if it’s not for a year or two.

    2. It’s tough to say since we don’t know much about the Switch yet, including the games it’ll have. I’d say wait until at least January when we’ll get more info. The 3DS XL can only go down in price from here and the same games available for 3DS now will still be available in a few months.

    1. I’m just saying to wait until January. That’s when we’ll find out which games are coming to Switch. Then you can compare the games that are on 3DS with the games that will be on Switch and decide which is more appealing.

  3. Thanks : I AM (@RealIanSteele)

    But I think ill go for the switch.

    I will miss my time with pokemon sun and moon but im scared that the switch can get sold out, so I will buy the switch.

    And then I will get a new 3ds xl on my birthday 6.desember

  4. These figures are too expensive to be made so cheap. Wal-Mart charges $9.96, but that’s cheaper than at K-Mart. Target used to charge 7-something dollars for these. But they suddenly stopped having them. I only bought Slippy Toad, but just can’t see paying ten dollars for every one. Though I really want Princess Zelda and Skull Kid. And don’t even get me started on the little mini World Of Nintendo figures.

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