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Nintendo Survey Asks Several Questions About Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has sent out a survey to its fans via its social media channels, including Twitter and Facebook. The survey, which allows you to submit your own suggestions and feedback, contains several questions regarding Nintendo Switch. Most of them are general queries, primarily asking about your interest in the upcoming console. Check them out in the list below:

  • Have you heard about the Switch?
  • Where have you seen/heard details about the Switch?
  • From what you’ve learned about Nintendo Switch, how would you describe the product?
  • How likely are you to purchase the Switch?
  • With which of the following statements do you agree most? (I will purchase Nintendo Switch as soon as possible; I want to purchase Nintendo Switch as soon as possible, but might have to wait a while; I don’t want to purchase it until I hear from people who have purchased it)
  • In what Nintendo Switch features are you most interested?
  • What games are you looking forward to playing on Nintendo Switch?

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      1. They will if they are just used as filler between brand new games. The Wii u had some amazing games, they deserve another chance. (man i talk like games actually have feelings. you know what i mean.)

  1. Anybody who thinks this survey is long obviously hasn’t taken many online surveys. I’d take it. Let them know what you think. I begged for Skyrim Special Edition.

    If Nintendo actually listens to input, show a demand for Metroid, FZero, no YouTube strikes, and open communication with consumers

  3. Phew, I finally finish the survey. It was longer than expected but I put all the games I want. Some of them are: Game Cube games, Smash 64, Metroid Prime Trilogy and Final Fantasy Cristal Chronicles 1, 2 and 3. I also put Zelda Breath of the Wild thoug I know they plan to relase it in a few months.

    1. ||They are all irrelevant anyway, High Command already has planned whatever they have planned months ago…||

  4. I took the survey and told them to stop claiming YouTube videos. Also asked for Fatal Frame, Eternal Darkness and 3D Kirby on Switch

  5. Have done that bloody survey and for those who haven’t done it yet be prepare to answer 2000000 questions on social media things. for the love of god Nintendo and their question on social media really doing my head in….I am fucking piss off.

  6. No thank you. I know a good majority of the survey is going to be bullshit not even related to Switch questions. It’s most likely like how Nintendo handles petitions: probably glances at it, not really gleaming over any of the names or what the petition is about, & quickly tosses it into the trash bin because they could give two shits what you want.

  7. Love when Nintendo do surveys, maybe we need more specific questions there, but at least it’s something. Hope they continue trying to communicate with the fans and asking for what WE want as future Switch console owners.

  8. What surprised me the most about this survey is, the fact Nintendo did not ask more questions about the switch. The investors did not like it at all when the trailer came out. So Nintendo surely need to reassure them and this survey would have been a good opportunity to have them on board.

    Also it would have been a good feedback form customers. That the kind of miss opportunity and lack of reaction/pro-action which fucked up the wii U. So from what I see, if the reaction to the switch turn sour, I don’t think ninntendo will be able to turn it around.

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