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Nintendo of America Has Opened The Holiday Gift Guide & My Nintendo Holiday Sweepstakes

Nintendo of America is getting into the holiday spirit this year with some new offers. Firstly is the Nintendo Holiday Gift Guide, where you can get the latest deals and purchases for Nintendo products. The second offer is something exclusive for My Nintendo members. The My Nintendo Holiday Sweepstakes is available to enter until Noon Pacific on November 21st. The requirements are simple: “Choose your most-wanted gifts for a chance to win a prize pack that’ll make your holidays bright”. There are 4 prize packs available, which you can see in the image provided below. To enter, just go to the sweepstakes page here.


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  1. For me, the only thing worth trying to win this for is that Triforce Light! But I know I won’t win so no point in bothering, anyway.

    1. People always freakin’ say that with sweepstakes. Everyone has the same chance of winning. I remember one time I won a sweepstakes for a “year” supply of comic books, and it was because everyone thought the way you did and didn’t enter.

      1. Says the anon butthurt I’m not bending over & taking it up the ass from his precious master Nintendo. Shouldn’t you be taking it up the ass from Nintendo without a proper reach around right now? >.<

      2. Then again, continue stalking me. With how many haters Quadraxis has, I need to start building up my own following of haters so I can match him!

  2. I just heard directly from Nintendo that the Zelda stuff is no longer an option. You guys should choose the other options.


    1. Are serious? The only one I am interested is in the Zelda pack. Why did they cancel that option?

  3. So they have you vote for 5 desired items, and those aren’t what you win. Kind of a lame way to go about entering, but the Mario and Pokémon prize packs still look fine.

    BTW, they made NES Classic Edition one of the vote options. That’s just cruel, Nintendo.

  4. What I want from Nintendo is a Wii U because the Wii in my broke because I gave a younger kid a GameCube controller for super smash Bros brawl. He repeatedly can’t stop bouncing around. The Wii fell on the tile. I understand that it is just younger. I did I learned, don’t trust a younger kid with a wired controller.

    A game I wanted to see Nintendo develop is a true sequel to super Mario world. Mario campaign will take place after super Mario world, Luigi’s campaign starts off after Luigi’s mansion 2, Wario campaign start off with Wario all lazy until bowser steals his food and Wario is ticked, Waluigi’s campaign will take place after Mario tennis on the N64, all of the colors of toad search and find Mario Luigi and Peach. In closing Toadet, toadworth, and captain toad.

    The game will have the same moves from new super Mario Bros 2, with one power up the golden fire flower. The game will also have all of the same moves, power ups, and hidden paths as super Mario world. It will also have a Yoshi to ride on.

    Race mode will be a competitive mode where you race other on all of the levels from all campaigns. The players will also pick a character based off of their campaigns. The game should have its own stats system. Stats are: power, jump, speed, agility, and weight.

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