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The Latest Epic Rap Battle Of History Pits Ash Ketchum Against Darwin

Ash Ketchum maybe used to Pokémon battles by now, but I’d imagine rap battles are a new territory for him. In the latest episode of the Epic Rap Battles of History YouTube show, the legendary Pokémon Trainer takes on the famous evolutionist Charles Darwin. The series has featured Nintendo characters before, Mario and Luigi battling the Wright Brothers several years ago. Check it out below.


  1. Well that seals it. Ash will look like he’s about to win with common rhymes only to have Darwin pull out legendary rhyme after legendary rhyme, obliterating his entire rap with just 2 short sentences.

    But hey! Least you tried, Ash! /s

  2. You can only have so much experience when you’re locked at 10 years old; of course Darwin won. Not to mention, in real life, evolution occurs in a species over several generations, never within an organism’s lifetime.

    Swear to the gods, if this becomes an Evolution VS Creationism debate…

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