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New Pokémon GO Easter Egg Lets You Look More Like Ash Ketchum

Pokémon GO features loads of Easter Eggs based all of the franchise’s different forms. However, the latest one is certainly a reference to the anime’s iconic protagonist. In the latest update, Niantic have added a buddy feature which lets Trainers choose a Pokémon to walk alongside them. Just days after the update begins to roll out, some dedicated fans have already spotted a hidden reference to the Pokémon anime. While Pikachu seems to act like any other Pokemon when set as your buddy, after walking 10km with him something will change. Just like Ash’s Pikachu, yours will now ride around on your shoulder as you walk. While Niantic have added loads of cool reference in the past, this little nod is really super effective!

31 thoughts on “New Pokémon GO Easter Egg Lets You Look More Like Ash Ketchum”

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  2. No type of tracking or radar whatsoever, never fully fixed trainer ID login issues… Not interested. Maybe when catching pokemon is less of a random event, I might play again.

    1. “No type of tracking or radar whatsoever.” *sigh* wrong. the new tracker updates frequently and makes it a lot easier to pin point pokemon as before. Just walk until it vanishes, then go back and pinpoint where it first showed up. Gotten a bunch of rare doing this like dratini, golduck, starmie, and my nidoking.

      1. Look, I’m glad you have a system you’re happy with, but there is no tracking on the app anymore. And sure the fuck am not walking in huge circles waiting for Pokemon to completely fall off my radar. I’m afraid you are in the minority of people who still believe some form of tracking exists.

  3. I’m not bothering with this piece of trash App! Just give up Nianantic you failed with your other Apps & this one will go the same way. Hopefully sooner than later as i want to get to work on time and not deal with all the idiots just standing there heads in their phones obstructing me to get to work.

      1. I just know Niantic’s reputation of shitty customer service and only interested in money. Businesses need to have good communication skills and listen to feedback not brush them off and think they are doing fine by themselves. As a person who works myself I feel their attitude is awful and they need a new way of looking at how they project themselves. And No my names Melfice not Bruce, but if i was Bruce I’d be wearing a black suit and be in a kick ass car and speak like i have throat cancer #darkknight batman

      2. Naw. If that was bruceless312, his grammar & punctuation would be a lot worse, if not non-existent. Plus, he’d be calling Nintendo shitty in every article when this is directed at Niantic, not Nintendo.

      3. bruceless312!? what the fuck, Kalas! It’s lee, not less! ARGH!!! *falls to knees all dramatically & screams out* EDIT FEATURE!!! WHERE IS OUR EDIT FEATURE!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

  4. Why would anyone want to look like Ash!? He’s one of the biggest losers in the anime! That poor kid never actually wins when it matters the most! And when he does, it’s not even an official Pokemon League! *cough*OrangeIslandsbullshit*cough* Oh & he barely wins half of his gym matches as he only gets the badge because he either beat Team Rocket or he did something that unrelated to the battle & the gym leader gave it to him out of being impressed by the non battle thing Ash did! Or the gym leader gives it to Ash out of pity & is just making excuses to the contrary!

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