Here’s The New Story Trailer For The Upcoming Wii U Exclusive Twisted Fusion

Leuvision has unveiled a new story trailer for Twisted Fusion. The latest promo for the upcoming Wii U-exclusive platformer focuses on the story and several characters that can be found in the game. Twisted Fusion revolves around a dual water gun-wielding heroine named Cora, who embarks on an adventure in an open-world environment. Originally scheduled to launch back in 2014, the game is now on track to arrive this October. It will be available via the Nintendo eShop for $5 / €5 / £4.


  1. I like Indie games and i feel the wii u isn’t dead yet there’s life still there Nintendo just need to pull their heads out their asses and market better not just spam mario like boxed cancer ! Look at call of duty they are the same game but they know how to make a trailer that make people go ape shit crazy for a game that’s the same thing. #TakenotesNintendo

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