Nintendo Honours Young Zelda Fan With A Thoughtful Gift

Gaming is a pastime that brings many people together. Family and friends alike can bond over a beloved series or treasured game. Like many gamers, Corey Austen and his brother Matt shared a love for Nintendo’s Zelda series. However, while Matt sadly passed away earlier this year, Corey might be able to play one last game with his lost brother. In a touching letter published on Zelda Informer, he described how using his brother’s Amiibo in Breath of the Wild would let his save data join him as a companion.

“But there was one part that got me. The Wolf Link amiibo. When they revealed that the game data from Twilight Princess would be used in Breath of the Wild as a companion, I broke down. Right there. At my desk.

It was so unreal. My brother and I could still play the new game. Together.”

Nintendo recently responded to the letter, sending Corey a large care package of Zelda merchandise. However, it was the handwritten note they included that really shows how much Nintendo cares about its fans.

“Our condolences on your loss. May your brother’s legend live on forever. Thank you for sharing your story.”

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    1. I don’t know but this is very sweet. To those who claim Nintendo cares more about money, this proves they don’t. This really sweet. Nintendo, I always knew you had a heart of gold.

      1. Nintendo has its separate people:

        1. The ones who cared enough to do this (I bet it wasn’t Miyamoto, Sakurai, Aonuma, Tezuka, or Kimishima). Reggie, Bill, and Treehouse, most likely fall in this category.

        2. The ones behind DMCAs, “stability” (anti-homebrew exploit/anti-Pokemon-Shuffle-easy-wins) patches to secure stable profits, and releasing updated 3DS ports to Wii U games people already own (because we save and save, and can’t see 1-2 years into the future before buying.

  1. That’s really touching.

    However the thought of passing before the release of Breath of the Wild is surprisingly depressing as well.

  2. What other game company would do something like this?

    Nintendo all the way. Even if they do some things that piss us off sometimes, there’s no denying how much they care about the fans.

  3. That is very heartwarming of Nintendo to do this, Now all they need to do is market themselves a little better.

  4. That’s nice of them. I wish they listened when we are pissed at them, but this isn’t the time. *narrows eyes at the people saying Nintendo cares about their fans yet Nintendo ignores us when we voice our disgust for a certain Metroid wannabe game* Yeah. Only care about their fans when it’s something positive about them, ignoring the negative… *facepalms at self* Sorry, sorry! I’ll stop now..! *talks to self* This is not the time to be jaded! Switch it off, dude! Switch it off!

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