Link Will Have No Character Partner In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Wolf Link Can Be Used Instead

Nintendo has revealed that Link will no character partner in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As announced on the Treehouse live gameplay streams today, Link will be able to explore the world freely without an AI character partner such as Navi, Midna and Fi as seen in past franchise games.

Yet in a rather interesting twist, fans who own the Wolf Link amiibo will be able to place him directly into Breath of the Wild as your partner. By running alongside you, he can help sniff out items within the universe and aid you in battle too, giving the Wii U and NX title another layer of interaction. Wolf Link is just one of the compatible amiibo that can be used within the game, alongside the three newly announced Zelda amiibo.

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  1. I hope they introduce “pets” through amiibo, that you can train/ level up. like an owl, a different horse, a big turtle thing, a beetle, maybe something that glows to help you in caves.
    I think it would be cool to summon a pet that could help in you in place of an item. like a beetle that could retreave items for you while you battle, a second horse that is faster, an owl that you could telepathy with to see what it sees from the sky (or can help you find hidden items), or a turtle to ride on across water.
    and of course the wolf helps you hunt/battle.
    so much potential.

  2. Omg… Wolf link? Sold… Fuck, I am so excited to play this game I could explode… Which would be messy!

    And I don’t know how these articles can be read when the blogger puts such an attractive picture up… Makes it hard to scroll down. I say this with the utmost respect. Ugh.. Bring on the backlash!

      1. Actually, he’d most likely go for the Wii U version because he said something about a 2 yr ban on NX for him. Since the game will be the same on both consoles, if you don’t have any faith in the NX, might as well just buy the Wii U version since you already have it.

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