Open-World Platformer Twisted Fusion Announced For Wii U

Twisted Fusion has been announced for the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Developed by one-man studio Leuvision, the title is an open-world action platformer that stars a girl named Cora, who uses dual water pistols as her primary weapons. The game features a day-and-night cycle and weather system, with altering environments based on the time and climate. For example, rain affects characters’ behaviors and larger enemies are seen at night. Twisted Fusion’s release is slated for Q4 2014.


    1. This looks just like “mars harpoon” and like 15 other games already announced. Love me some platformers. But I’m really getting burnt out on these low innovation, boring art, hop and shoot 2D platformers. I mean seriously indie devs lets at least be creative if were going to make 30 of the same general theme (not even 2.5D?

      1. Gta V will NEVER come to Wii u. I’m not saying that to troll, and its not cause of specs or demographic or sales. It’s as simple as the fact that Wii u is a new console with new hardware. To be fair, it’s not on PS4 or Xbox One either. Gta VI is completely likely however.

      2. and I didnt say it was
        and i must say i suggest you to read Rockstar’s post from some months ago
        it was something like “When PC comes, WiiU would be considered, as we are testing the console”

      3. Honestly, I don’t care if GTA comes to Wii U or not, I only have Wii U for first party games. PC is a much better third party option than the dinosaur architecture of the PS One

      4. i only own a wiiu. if wiiu is only for first am never buying a nintendo product again. nintendo can rot in hell with all their kiddy games.


  1. Oh wow. Great. Another indie game. No offense (I know these guys put hard work into this game) but I am really craving some third party right now… It frustrates me, man. What do I play now? :(

    1. Its like ….omfg Nintendo give you free access to unity, and its web framework, at least make your side scrolling platformer 3D, or have 3D elements, so over the nostalgia of pixel based art.

  2. Lol hahahaha Nintendo made the baby U a console for indie developers to make games for lol hahahaha the Baby Toy Company doesn’t care about the Weak U.they just care about the 3ds, i really feel sorry for the babies who don’t have a ps4 or xbox lol

    1. In the near future, when these hundreds of Indie Tribes become powerful enough to destroy your precious rehash loving third class empires, you will witness the loneliness and futility of your existence…

      1. how is the situation going then? Play station has 1000 enlisted developer studiso lol.

        anyway……..yeah. shin’en especially imo.

      1. You wish you were a mark on the underside of my cyber-boot…


    2. I love that ”if you are not like me, you suck”

      You’re just jealous of our upcoming games, that’s why you are in a Nintendo website, because you are trying to convinve yourself that your console is the best. Welp, see you in Mk8 online!

  3. Just what wii U needs, MORE SHOVELWARE!! Lol, this is why wii U is flopping: too expensive with the scam pad, no unique first parties like the GameCube days, lack of online, and lack of catering to the hardcore. Nintendo is just too out of touch this day and age, and for that, wii U is destined to fail

    1. nintendo desevers to lose alot of money. what a retarded company that makes weak and inferior hardware with useless gimmck no body wanted. kinnect for xbox one is actually a good gimmck that has interesting features. microsoft didnt scrifice the hardware:)

      1. Yeah guess what, no one gives a shit, now go to school you fucking 15 year pipsqueek

      2. LMAO no one gives crap about nintendo these days. nintendo ruined there brand with kiddy systems and games.

      3. Maybe you didn’t read right, no one gives a bloody turd, now get your god damn head out your arse and eat your broccoli, you pubescent little fucktard

      4. @ anonymous, you clearly care if you keep responding with anger lol Just saying

      5. lol, he is a fucktard, did you see how he argued with some other guy, with like 15 comments, what a retard lol

      6. Kinect…

        The most retarded gimmick ever created and you think it’s great…

        Exposed for being a complete retard…

    2. 1, it’s no more shockwave than other indie from the other console. It’s just all we really have at the moment. 2, I doubt it’s really too expensive cause of the pad, and it doesn’t need to be cheaper than the Wii. 3, they have Platinum and Retro, who can do whatever. They. Want. 4. Online is usually there, just not in the traditional sense. Regular couch co optimus because of family and stuff. Finally, when you say hardcore, do you.just mean violent desensitizng games, cause that does not define hardcore. Hardcore means to eat sleep and live video games, to mold it to fit you, not it mold you to it. A console is whatever you make it.

      1. Honestly that was all really just damage control… 1. It is too expensive because of the gamepad, it cost about $100 for them to make it, so without it the system would easily be $200, which is where the price should be because the system is not on par with ps4/bone specs and those systems (basically you don’t get your money’s worth when you spend $300 on the wii U) 2. You say that they have platinum and retro, but that’s not enough, just look @ sony/MS they have tons of 3rd party devs to support they’re console while wii U has like 2 that don’t even make games often for them (as you can see with the current game line up) 3. Online is not usually there… They didn’t put it in nsmbu, 3dWorld, dkctf, or any 1st party that would have greatly benefited from it so the fact remains that they DONT utilize online no where near as often as they should, and I misused the term “hardcore” I ment they lost they’re appeal to the older audience that grew up with nintendo or older in general (me being one), that can ACTUALLY BUY THEYRE PRODUCTS!! But yea, nintendo has just lost it these days

      2. I hardly intended it as damage control. I’ll give you point #1, and more third party is always helpful, but I dont know, just looking at things, it seems like most of the games we’re missing are all from a handful of developers, like EA, 2K, Rocksteady, Warner Bros, and Square Einx. These guys put out a lot of stuff. For number 3, when I said online is there, I meant it more in the form of leaderboards, Miiverse, and Ghosts in the case of 3DWorld. NSMBU does nothing, which is poor, but it’s not like anyone really plays though after they finish…
        Online Multiplayer should be an accessory. THey need to get with it, and I think they’re starting too. And yes, Nintendo was far more universal back in the past, but you have to remember, gaming laws were a lot less lenient back then. You didnt have conservative politicians and the like rallying for things, and Nintendo has gotten into trouble with their content before, ironically. So yeah,they do need to broaden their appeal. I’ve noticed, though, that despite the limited number of IPs, Nintendo has made a lot of games of different genres. Also, I would say that Nintendo, despite a lot of claims, is something that mainly appeals to children, but really to everyone, and as we all know, with products that appeal to everyone, they have to think of the children first. Anyway, good lord, that was a lot of words.

      3. Achievements would be nice. Just cause Nintendo doesn’t do something doesn’t mean its a bad idea. Course, I’m console neutral, growing up on Sonic (which is a story for another time), and the PC, which is my natural abode. Nintendo is a relatively new concept for me. I got a Wii a couple of years after it came out. I didnt do a whole lot with it, but it’s not why you would think. Anyway, I wouldnt say they lost their way, I would just say they are trying to appeal to everyone by being too popular, rather than doing things their own way and maintaing their own group of friends(fans). They also need to appeal to the western market a lot more.

      4. ACTUALLY!!!!!!!!! since their selling the system at a loss, your theory on price is irrelevant, infact the tablet could cost 200$ for all we know, the system could cost 500 for all we know. Both Xbox one and ps4 are also sold at a loss as well their systems could be easily 800$. The original Kinect cost 150$ so the second one could cost even more. So to argue price is stupid, none of the big 3 systems are selling for profit so their price point right now is just to recover some of that loss,
        seeings how Nvidea just come out with titan that cost 3,000$ then it may be even more to recover their loss……..good job

  4. All of you Nintendo haters…..WTF are you even trying to do.

    Do you do this for kicks and gags. It’s so immature. I reckon you’re all like 10 or something, the stupidity coming out of everyone here, that’s throwing idiotic comments.

    The console is doing better than predicted and it will do well.

    1. They grew up with out love from their parents which made them act all stupid and immature which made them not get any friends. The result of that caused them to not have a social life and to stay online everyday to get under people’s skin because they want others to feel their non existent lives they lived with their parents.

      1. It’s just constant banter, and it’s very very pathetic.

        I doubt none of them know nothing about hardware. I for one am a professional IT engineer and the hardware is very very powerful.

    2. You have to understand that they actually love Nintendo, they just can’t afford the console so they try to convince themselves they don’t need it.

  5. The female name Cora is wayy too overused right now. Maybe not specifically in videogames, but I’ve seen that name at least 5 times in the last 5 months in different entertainment sources. On TV, in books, movies, ect.

    The name sounds “exotic” while also being “modern” by being short and easy to pronounce as well as a pretty sounding name (derives from the word coral which is a beautiful animal).

    I wish people could be a little
    more original with their character names. It all seems cliché at times.

    When I write stories I spend DAYS thinking about the perfect character name. Sometimes I create my own names using existing words and ideas and mythologies/religions. “Cora” just seems lazy.

    1. When I came up with the name Cora, it was about 10 years ago (she has been in many of my mobile games over the years) and I honestly didn’t even know it was a real name at the time ;)

  6. Wii failed U is on point he is speaking the truth damn I think

    “The console is doing better than predicted and it will do well.”

    ItsAmeMario is definitely the dumbest lying Nintendo fan boy ever
    If Weak U is doing better then predicted why did Nintendo slash it’s sales forecast by 75%?
    Why did The mighty Ps4 outsell it in 4months?
    Why did it get a price cut in less than a 2 years in the market?

    Why is Xbox1 a $500 console sellIing better then Weak u even tho its waaaay more expensive?

    Weak u is Weak that’s why it’s not getting anymore AAA 3rd party games

    Get your head out the sand dude

    1. Yea, he’s one of the many delusional fanboys on this site.. Wii U is NOT doing better than predicted, it’s actually doing very bad atm, which is why 3rd party devs are leaving, which is why ps4 outsold it in 4 months, which is why sales for the system are so low every week, which is why nintendo lowered they’re sales forecast prediction by such a huge percentage… The consoles doing horrible and unless nintendo does some drastic marketing and overall business approach and changes, we will be saying good by to wii U very soon

      1. So just because one console is “failing”, our empire is crap?…

        The 3DS is obliterating everything but you delusional haters never comment on that…

  7. Wii failed U. Now watch the little baby fanboys start getting offended for speaking facts and label them as trolling

    I’m still waiting for ItsAmeMario to answer my questions
    I think he is more delusional then Nintendo Commander

    1. It hasn’t failed if it still selling you know. You have got to stop the childish insults. Doesn’t help you any more than you think.

  8. This seems very Mutant Mudds-ish- Character is armed with a jetpack and water guns, enemies look like green versions of the mutant mudds… This looks like it’s just going to be Mutant Mudds with an open world interface rather than linear level structure. I’ll reserve judgement until it releases and I see more of it or play it.

  9. There’s allot more creature’s than slimes and lots of locations you wont be expecting, lots more details will be coming next week. However any questions shout at me here or on twitter @leuvsion

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