Two Tribes Confirms Swords & Soldiers HD For Wii U eShop In April/May

Two Tribes have confirmed that Swords & Soldiers HD will be released on the Wii U eShop sometime during April/May. The developer says its just something to tide fans over until Swords & Soldiers 2 is released. The development studio says they have teamed up and upgraded it so it feels right at home on Wii U. Here’s how it makes use of the Wii U GamePad and HD capabilities of the system.

  • The classic Swords & Soldiers experience.
  • Playable with custom touch scheme on Gamepad.
  • Playable with Wii remote on TV.
  • Multiplayer mode combining GamePad and TV.
  • High res HD graphics compared to SD Wii release.
  • Expected release end of April / Early May.
  • Low TBA introduction price.
  • The ultimate BBQ sauce.


      1. And I hope u don’t buy that cuz I sure as hell don’t, but you’ll pay 60 a year for franchises and then get all hype for the next one, buy it, then complain, and buy the next one, your opinion has value in the real world or this comment section


      2. Um, when it comes to video games, do u really think our society cares if we buy video games??? Tell me then why do I HAVE to buy health insurance or be taxed, why MUST I give me gun to my government, please tell me why EVERYTHING I do, is monitored and watched by society? Im trying to let u guys know about this dumb shit, but everyone’s a hater, go for what the hell ever you want to do or buy, just know ur facts everybody


      3. What truth? You just wrote, that’s unnecessary. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO BUY PERIOD.
        It is your fault for buying products that you don’t like. Not companies, not any bureaucracies and not even your friends who pressuring you to buy. It’s still a choice in the end.


      1. Looking better at being shit I mean. I’m having so many mental backfires today…actually, I’ve always had!


      2. Now you’re making yourselves as a fool. Youtube and watch the Mario Kart 8 trailer before posting a foolish statement.


  1. This is a nice suprise, I’ll pick it up for the multiplayer.

    I’m guessing this is the PC version with more features. Please make sure the pro controller is supported.


  2. How is this a HD remake exactly? The game was released on PS3 and X360, both versions running at HD resolution, so I am 99% positive that we’ll just get the X360 port with Gamepad support. Still – that’s good, because I no longer have my PS3 and I’d love to play this again. Well, as long as the price is adeqate…



    Have you ever imagined playing an old classic that you loved and wanted it to be online to show off your skills or even play with friends and family that live to far away to play the game with them. Imagine Super Mario World with online and voice chat, Mario kart with online and voice chat or even super smash bros! from N64 with online multiplayer and voice chat the list can go on and on this can be something that I know will be a hit! We together can make this happen if we show nintendo that we really want this! This would be amazing!


  4. is this all wiiu offers. nintendo really failed this gen. they should have published gta v to wiiu instead of these indie games.


    1. Oh my God! You are so right!
      Hey guys! This troll said we should sell our WiiU’s and buy a Pone4! Let’s do it cause Trolls are so wise!


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