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Emily Rogers Posts Rumoured Mario Kart Nintendo Switch Information

Nintendo informer Emily Rogers has heard that the upcoming Mario Kart title for the Nintendo Switch will be a grand mix of old and new content. The racer will contain all the courses and downloadable content from Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U, but it will feature plenty of new and exclusive content. These include brand new tracks, new playable characters, and a new-and-improved battle mode. It’s rumoured that the game will launch within the first three months of the Nintendo Switch’s March 2017 launch.


Thanks to paidenthusiast for the tip!


    1. The name might not even exist yet. Names often aren’t finalized until very late into a game’s development.

  1. All of this sounds good, especially the improved battle mode. Seems like they listened to some of the criticism on Mario Kart 8.

  2. No Mario Kart and no Zelda at launch.
    So the Switch is launching with fucking nothing?
    Please stop giving attention to this person.

    1. 3D Mario seems highly likely. Skyrim. Perhaps you should wait until January when they reveal the full launch list.

  3. I’m expecting this game to be the Mario Kart to end all Mario Karts (well at least until Nintendo’s next console!). A constantly expanding platform of content with free updates and paid DLC years down the line. This rumour coincides with that, but we’ll see if it’s actually true.

    Also, even though Battle Mode has never been a big deal for me, it is for many, and I hope they really are fixing it up. Battle Mode was the singular flaw in Mario Kart 8, otherwise it was just a phenomenal experience all round.

  4. I’m really worried, I want a brand new MK not a remake, it feels like they are going Sony and MS way… horrible.

      1. Why? The better one is coming out.

        But seriously, what was the point of even getting this game?

        First they advertise it like crazy with their fancy DLC content (and Pink Gold Peach, clone of all clones). The they announce a new system, with a newer version of the same game.

        I paid 60 bucks for the game, 20 bucks for the DLC packs, and invested all lot of time and effort into these cups. I want my money back.

        Nintndo is turning into EA/Activision, because I’ve heard horror stories of them pulling stunts like this too.

  5. I’d be much more hyped for a packed in game if it was Mario Kart. Instead, it might be Splatoon? Meh…

    1. Exactly. Sounds like bad news to me. But then again, maybe it means they really ment it when they said Switch will be ‘the third pillar’. Perhaps the WiiU will continue to be supported? ^^

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