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Laura Dale: Mario & Skyrim On Nintendo Switch At Launch, Splatoon Pack In, Zelda Pushed Back

Laura Dale who writes for Let’s Play Video Games has been spot on with Nintendo Switch news. She is now reporting a number of things that are highlighted below. Firstly, Super Mario and Skyrim Remastered will be on the Nintendo Switch at launch. We have already heard that there will be two SKUs for the Nintendo Switch. One includes the base model and the second includes a pack-in game. Well it seems as though the pack-in game will be the awesome Splatoon. Finally both the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild won’t make the intended March release date. You can read all the details, right here.




  1. Ahhhhhh, don’t make Splatoon the pack-in game! Make it something I care about, like Mario. And of all games to be pushed back from launch, why Zelda? That’s the main game everyone is wanting SO badly, and the main game that’s making many people want the Switch. Sometimes I truly don’t understand Nintendo.

    1. What is there not to get? The game isn’t finished yet. They can’t just magically build a time machine to get the game done in time. Delaying the game is pretty much the best they can do, unless you prefer to get the game in a state where you need at least ten more patches before it will run stable.

        1. That’s because it probably was “nearly” finished, though we can debate about the definition of “nearly” here. I work as a game programmer myself, so I know from my own experience that it’s usually the end of a project where the most things can go wrong and where stuff takes the longest time. Now consider that this is probably the biggest game Nintendo ever developed yet, amplifying the effects of this. Also consider that even Twilight Princess, a much smaller game, was delayed for multiple years before it was finally released. It shouldn’t be too unbelievable then that it takes them this long to move the game from “nearly finished” to “finished”. Yes, other publishers release open world games much quicker than Nintendo, but it also usually shows in the quality. Name me a single open world game released within the last few years that actually ran mostly bug-free and stable right from release day, without a bunch of patches. From the game’s perspective, delaying Breath of the Wild is definitely the best Nintendo can do, and getting a game to such a high level of polish just takes so much more time and effort than people expect.

        2. The reason for the delay this time has mostly been attributed to localization. So while the game itself might be done, translations and testing for translations has been taking longer then expected due to the size of the game. Its estimated to be coming out around summer time.

      1. Finally someone who thinks clearly!!! We waited this long, and I don’t wanna have this game unless it’s 100% ready… I am excited and can’t wait to play it, but do not wish to find bugs and frame rate issues. Just let them finish it and then we’ll have it!!!

    2. Well first off, I dont want to play zelda if it’s not finished. So if it’s pushed back. Oh well.

      Second the included game of splatoon.would 1) be online multiplayer
      2) introduce people to the new IP
      3) give people something with high replay value.
      4) it would be an inhanced port of he original game so i

    3. You should really give Splatoon a chance, I was never a fan online multiplayer shooters, but Splatoon is very unique and fun for that genre. If anything play through the single player campaign and get a feel for how fun the mechanics and physics are. And if your looking for a challenge try beating the final boss, he is EXTREMELY challenging.

    4. Splatoon is a home favorite. Here in U.S. I still get on-line & play. I’m on the West coast & have no connection issues. Although, I will report that during late gaming sessions, the majority of my competition is Japanese.

  2. Splatoon is smart as a bundled game. A new Mario and an updated Splatoon would be perfect for launch imho. Both games just scream fun.

    1. Splatoon is an older game that nobody is excited for. It’s a great game that has a good fanbase, but it doesn’t bring in any hype or excitement. As long as there is a new Mario it shouldn’t matter though. Now if it was just Splatoon by itself, then there would be a serious problem. I’m personally not excited for ported or remastered Wii U games at all. I want new. Nintendo needs new and shiny not old and dull.

      1. “Doesn’t bring any hype or excitement?”

        Speak for yourself kid! Splatoon is the MAIN REASON that the Wii U didn’t die off sooner! & don’t tell me about Zelda either. It’s coming both to Switch & Wii U meaning it really wouldn’t have made a difference if it NEVER came to Wii U at all!
        Nintendo is just doing that as a “Thank You” to those who stuck with them thru the Wii U.

        1. Oh sure, Splatoon brought excitement to the Wii U when it first launched. I agree with you. But I’m talking about today. About the Switch. An old port doesn’t excite anyone but the already established fans. And surely they can’t be too excited either.

          1. I’m pretty excited about a FRESH new take on Splatoon. And I’m excited about all the n00bs who will finally get to play it, because I shall destroy them.

          2. I’m sorry deepsouth, I have to disagree there. Mario kart 8 and spaltoon is what extended the wii u’s life. But I will say this to agree, I do want a new storyline of splatoon, a sequel, not in enhanced version…but if its going to be a better updated port, then I better have the option to transfer my shit from the game over…but then again, its more fun to start over. I’m very unsure about this news…very much.

          3. Normally I would agree. But the thing is Splatoon was only on Wii U. It’s not like a major third party game where everyone with 4 different systems could play it. Splatoon on the Switch really wouldn’t hurt to be honest. There’s a ton of people that missed out on a Wii U that would most definitely like that game.

    1. She is very credible bro. She leaked out everything about the Switch before it was revealed and when the trailer will be shown. Definitely a friend….she keeps up informed

      1. ||Leaking supposed information is not being an ally, it’s being a spy and must be destroyed or silenced…||

    1. I agree Super Mario was fun to me
      I liked the idea Mario and the Camera ran freely

      Also it didnt feel like a dome because there wasn’t no timezone.

      On Mario 64, I could take my time while coming up with my next rhyme.

    2. I also like the freedom of Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine. While I also played Galaxy 1 and 2, I’ll gladly buy another Mario that includes that freedom from the first 2 games.

  3. Why so secretive about Pikmin 4?
    Thats a game that would make me buy the Switch right out the door
    From Showroom floors

    A 3D Mario would sell the Switch high on the 1st night.
    But delaying Zelda from launch if true is night right

    This may hurt Switch sells in one flight.
    I cant wait to March to see if Im wrong or right. Until then hang on tight.

    1. What do you think would be an awesome catch phrase for the switch? Mine is “don’t be a bitch, buy the switch”! I heard some one say this in the you tube comments section!

  4. Glad Mario is going to be a launch title but why Splatoon as the in-pack game? Surely Mario would be a better fit?

  5. As long as they do not try charge 60 for Skyrim, I might buy it. Never had the spirit to finish on my PC.
    PS4 version costs 50€, though by the time Switch releases, PS4 version is most likely going to drop to 40€.

    And good if Splatoon is packed in, don’t have to buy it again.

      1. I bought it originally on launch as well.
        I’m just saying that if they try to charge more for it on Switch, than other platforms, I will not be supporting that, even if it was in my opinion worth it.

  6. I’m surprise that rumor leakers can’t get in trouble by Nintendo. Especially when the rumors are true. I bet Nintendo was so ticked off at all of the Switch rumors that were true. There wasn’t anything too surprising when the Switch was finally revealed. For true rumors to spread, there’s clearly someone not doing their job right, and would definitely be fired if Nintendo knew who those people were.

    1. It is Nintendo’s fault, they announced that the NX/Switch was in development way back in 2013/2014. If they had any sense, they would have shut up and not said anything until a full year to six months before release of the system. People were onto them the whole time and kept looking at their activity behind the scenes… maybe they will get smart next time round when they release the Nintendo Chop! :0

      1. Why do you think it’s Nintendo’s fault while they’re working hard in making their home/mobile platform… not to mention the hidden secret that NVIDIA is helping out in creating the platform’s architecture? They don’t want rival companies to copy and paste their innovation and ideas. Nintendo wants to create a high quality system that does everything it does. NES and Super NES were perfect examples.

    2. Actually, I believe one did back in 2014 when someone leaked the whole SSB for 3DS roster weeks before it launched in Japan. I remember hearing they were being sued, but never heard anything beyond that.

  7. ||Breath of the Wild will be launched within the Launch Window so I see no problems…||

      1. ||Greetings comrade, the same as usual, fighting Xbots whenever I see their disgusting presence…||

        ||Your old enemy Sasori is of course defeated but his church and clones continue to linger spreading his “wisdom”…||

          1. ||NIMB left shortly after Sasori was defeated, heyitsguy seems to be multiple humans like Eztoc Zero now for some reason against me, all other soldiers are either gone to other bases or became traitors…||

            ||But as you can probably see I have new recruits…||

  8. Will Skyrim on the Switch have mod support? If not then it’s already the worse version to get out of the console versions, but if it does then it would be the best console version to have.

  9. In the words of Miyamoto:
    “A complete game can be a good/great/spectacular experience. But a rushed game is bad forever (or depending when the DLC will hit. Lmbo) ”

    Okay…not his exact wording but y’all know what Im saying! Lol

  10. Hard to really judge if Splatoon is a good fit for the first pack-in when we don’t know the extent of what’s added in this port other than more Inkling customization.

    1. I looked very closely at what little Splatoon footage there was in the trailer. The map the Japanese team were practicing on does not match any known maps in the Wii U original, so it looks like there will be new maps on top of new gear, weapons, and, in a welcome addition, “hairstyles.”

  11. I’m surprised someone from Nintendo hasn’t knocked on her door and demanded she shut up yet, or fined/fired the business partners feeding the information to her.

    Companies like Nintendo have timed plans for when and how information is released. When steady leaks like this happen, it seems likely to me that negative relations would occur between Nintendo and the chain of people feeding that information to the person who just posts EVERYTHING they overhear to the internet.

    1. What about if games are given early? Cause someone got his copy of Pokémon Moon about 15 days before it’s release and was leaking everything of it. Course, he did give spoiler warnings.

  12. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! AGAIN?! ZELDA PUSHED BACK AGAIN?! *Deep breath* Whatever, as long as it’s out in April or May. I want it before my 29th birthday. Cause I’m hoping to get a now Switch+Splatoon port/sequel and Mario Switch for there. So I can run around new levels with Mario, SM64 style and see my Callie’s beautiful face as I go back to Inkopolis to splat some fools! Please do not take the folls part seriously, I apologize for that.

  13. What I’m predicting for the Splatoon port or sequel, is a revamped single player mode. By revamped, I mean bigger levels, more Octarians to splat, harder Octolings to fight, and the ability to play as Agents 1 and 2 aka the Squid Sisters! Have at times you play as Callie with her Hero Roller as she solves puzzles to help your Inkling out and Marie with her Hero Charger to snipe foes and help her cousin. And improved Splatfest with the Squid Sisters themselves joining the fun, literally! At rare moments the Squid Sisters join your Splatfest team for a few matches and prove to be very tough, with a high AI and all. And finally, include a dancing mini game where your Inkling has a dance off with Callie and Marie!

  14. ah, old man estoc…the one in charge of sasori’s article. he is not a menace, he is only somebody trying to be “the best troll”.

    Now that you mentioned the sASSori clones, i am sure that it might be that pokemonnerd, i just searched some articles here and that clone swears more than sasori, why i think is pkmnnerd?
    well, recently i ran into some of his comments on somebody’s YouTube channel (it is the same case as estoc), he has been trying to troll and engage in a debate a guy named “entropic void”, i entered to pkmnnerd channel and found a video were he says that he swears a lot because he has tourete’s syndrome (or whatever is called), then i looked some of the classic sasori stuff and found a comment where he said that he visits this site and he was trying to expose people…also he is autistic.

    It is sad that they can’t leave that stuff being (though it was funny as hell), i can’t forgive obinna for insulting my gaming and gender preferences :p but i can leave him in peace…until he starts again ;)

    i have been busy, working and studying (going to be a vet), first time in a long time that i visit this site, i have been on nintendoeverything, anyway, i might be commenting here just for old times sake.

      1. They never actually did. They only said it was delayed to 2017 and that it would launch on Switch as well as Wii U. They never said day 1.

    1. Not even close. It’s nowhere near Mario, Pokémon, or Zelda levels of popularity and sales. It’s C tier at best until we see the numbers on that sequel.

      You didn’t see people saying Animal Crossing or Pikmin back in the day were A Tier after their debut.

        1. “I kind of think that says something”, like Inkling Girl is loli-fuel and Splatoon trying to be hip, gives it a J-Pop/Millennial/JSR vibe.

          This isn’t an uncommon thing people tend like certain portions of a work outside of their intended purpose. Alpha & Omega is the definition of meh straight-to-DVD movies, but there’s enough fanwork of that franchise (and its something for Bobsheaux to review). Flint the Time Detective is an anime from the 90s that’s supposed to be on the same pedestal as Pokemon, but is criminally obscure, yet there’s enough fanart of one of the characters, Merlock. People have been hating on Sonic’s friends since the mid-2000s, but no one can say anything bad about Sally (who isn’t a video game character), unless its connected to the comic and Ken Penders.

          I’m still trying to figure why MLP is so damn popular (out of its toyline and single digit girls demographic), and why Bronies and comparisions to Sonic the Hedgehog are a thing.

          But in short, not everyone likes Splatoon for its online multiplayer campaign (which is basically the whole game).

          1. I think that it had a pretty good single player campaign, but yeah you’re right the online multiplayer is the main attraction. At least it does have the potential to catch on and be as popular as CoD one day, I mean you never know…

            1. And the fact that it’s not as stereotypically girly as the previous MLP generations. Which is why the fourth generation is far more beloved with its accidental wider demographic.

      1. Mario, LOZ, and Pokemon both have a legacy and an expanded universe. Splatoon is just a fad for casual players (because all the average 1-player gets is a secluded Octo Valley with a default weapon, a default costume, a few stages, and a balls hard final boss). Splatoon will never have what those three have.

        What would people want in a sequel to Splatoon anyway? MORE weapons, clothing, and stages? More content exclusive to online play (godhelpyouifyouhaveaweakorunstableconnectionyetpaid$60forthisgame)? More pointless badges in Nintendo Badge Arcade centuring around this game.

        The most value Splatoon could have is Inkling (Boy/Girl) as a playable character in future SSB games.

          1. Your point?

            Splatoon doesn’t have:

            1. Nostalgic beginnings from the 8-bit or 16-bit era.
            2. History in pioneering 3D
            3. An anime
            4. World building
            5. A narrative plot
            6. Appearances in other mediums (aside from the manga) and that live thing.
            7. Status as a long-running series.

            In short, it has built up enough history as it debuted pretty late in the modern era of video games. As for the game itself, there’s almost no plot at all (so there’s no lore (aside from those cryptic scrolls) or world building), given the focus on online multiplay. This this NOT a single player game, while those three ARE. As for longevity and future titles, Splatoon has its share of issues too, such as barely being able to play the game if your connection isn’t good enough. And even with that, the game is just for simple fun anyway, since all yu do is compete in one-off matches with other players and grind for a higher rank.

            Instead of a sequel (which will result in the exact same game), people might as well stick to the existing game.

  15. I actually think it was pushed backed because Horizon Zero Dawn also release in March ( no needed competition for open world games ). Regardless, this sucks…

  16. So what the hell is the freakin launch title then!? “Picross Freemium Extreme”!? “Animal Crossing Sticker Hunt”!? “Metroid Sudoku”!?

    In fact, what’s the point of the Switch presentation in January? Might as well push that back too. Hell, we might as well might not buy Wii U games anymore and stop visiting My Nintendo News, stop doing My Nintendo, and stop doing Miitomo. It’s all pointless.

  17. If they bundle the New Mario with Switch at the beginning with a price tag of $300, dude that will sell all those 2 millions Switch in the entire 2017!

  18. ……….. The games Switch does have at launch better be the best thing ever. Otherwise, fuck the Switch til Breath of the Wild releases. I’ll just stick with my PS4 til then.

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