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Nintendo Is Now Promoting Battlefy’s Splatoon eSports Tournaments

Nintendo has begun to promote Battlefy’s Splatoon Showdown Series in its official newsletter. According to Battlefy’s site, the object of the Splatoon Showdown Series is to “play in open, online Splatoon tournaments every weekend of November for a chance to win fun prizes. Each weekend you’ll compete in a different game mode in Splatoon”. As of this article’s writing, teams of 4 can now sign up on Battlefy’s website. After you do so, you will be told who you’re playing against and when. When the match is done, your team will need to report the results of the match so that Battlefy can update the bracket. So what’s happening coming up next for Battlefy? The finals of a three-week-long Splat Zones tournament, which take place this Saturday.


8 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Now Promoting Battlefy’s Splatoon eSports Tournaments”

  1. Nintendo’s desire for Splatoon to hit the esports spotlight makes me hope the Switch port will have some sort of competetive matchmaking like CSGO, TF2 or Overwatch

    1. Splatoon has always reminded me of Team Fortress, what with the cosmetics and custom loadouts and objective-based gameplay. But in my opinion, Team Fortress never was really made for competitive. Before I go on a tangent, what I’m trying to say is Splatoon a\and Team Fortress are alike, and therefore have too many random and fun elements to be competitive.

    1. Something played for competition does not necessarily mean it’s a sport. That’s like having a tic-tac-toe tournament, and then saying tic-tac-toe is a sport.

      1. One of the many definitions of sports is “a contest or game in which people do certain physical activities according to a specific set of rules and compete against each other.” You have to do something physical to play Tic-Tac-Toe or video games so… they can be classified as sports if played competitively. Or do you want to tell millions of people that play pool or golf and view them as such that they aren’t playing a sport?

        1. I’m not looking for technicality on this matter. I am literally just saying that competition does not always equal sport.

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