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Nintendo Asked Image & Form If They Wanted To Develop For Nintendo Switch

Image & Form was approached directly by Nintendo regarding developing for Nintendo Switch. The SteamWorld developer refers to the upcoming console as a “straightful” development, as opposed to the troubles it encountered when working with Unity on Wii U. Several other tidbits like these were revealed in a recent interview with SuperMetaldave64. You can check out a list of some of them below:

  • It’s Nintendo who actually approached them to ask them if they wanted to develop games on Switch, and gave them a devkit.
  • The Image & Form CEO speaks about how tight the NDA was, and how they “absolutely couldn’t talk about it”.
  • Not the whole team was disclosed to work on the console, they have a special room for the allowed developpers.
  • They’re effectively working on a “project” they don’t want to talk about it because they feel like they announced Steamworld Heist too early.
  • They also don’t feel like making sequels, they prefer to make something new every time.
  • The Image & Form CEO was worried about how they would sell the concept in the reveal trailer, but ended relieved as he really liked the video.
  • The Switch is qualified as a “straightful” development system, opposed to all the problems they had on Wii U with Unity. He talks about how easier it is to work with it.
  • He said that right now the most exciting thing about the Switch is how “they haven’t really mentionned everything”
  • He talks about how they had to develop games “for the 3DS” (by that he means that they couldn’t make games for HD systems and then scale down, because of how weak the 3DS is) and now they’re relieved it’s not a weak-ass system anymore.

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8 thoughts on “Nintendo Asked Image & Form If They Wanted To Develop For Nintendo Switch”

  1. So, there’s still more about the hardware we haven’t heard about and as many expected, it’s easier to develop for! The Switch is looking better the more I hear about it!

    Let’s speculate on what “they haven’t really mentionned everything” could really mean. I believe they’re talking about hardware-related stuff (such as add-ons, accessories, etc.), probably related to those USB-C connectors we saw on the Switch and on Dock! Maybe the rumored Supplemental Computing Device, maybe a new GCN Controller Adapter with a single USB cable that connects 8 players at once (USB-C could pull that off).

    Kimishima himself stated they would talk about add-ons to the console, so I’m guessing it would be something around those lines.

    1. Although I do believe that there is much more to talk about concerning the Switch, I think that what they meant by their statement is that there really is something greater that they have not revealed. Nintendo and other reports have suggested that there is still one really big feature of the Switch that they still haven’t announced. Sure there will be several hardware features to announce and talk about and then all the incredible software we know next to nothing about, but I suspect that this secret will blow our minds once again.

      I believe the supplemental computing device you mentioned is one such case, though I have my suspicions that the dock itself may be the supplemental computing device. Another I believe to be a possibility is the patent submitted by Nintendo of a projector that displays flat images on any surface. But maybe you are right about it concerning mostly the USB-C connectors. The GCN controller adapter with a single cable makes a lot of sense; how else would we play 8 player Smash? New wireless GCN controllers?

      Nonetheless, I’m totally with you that the Switch is looking better the more i hear about it.

  2. People doesn’t know that their are gpu that are capable of having more procesing power by just having more voltage. So the dock could do that.
    People saying that if the ns is tje same power has the xbone is a bad thing the those people are morrons and should quit life.
    300$ for a rumored portable ps4 xbone kind of power system? Sign me in!

  3. Their last game was rushed and unfinished. It had a good engine, but the levels were randomly generated, boring, repetitive and had absolutely no replay value. I don’t care for their next half-assed RNG-game, because I’m not buying from them again.

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