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Worldwide Initial Shipments For Pokémon Sun & Moon Have Topped 10 Million Copies

Nintendo is anticipating huge demand for Pokémon Sun & Moon and rightly so on the heels of the smash hit mobile title Pokémon GO. The Kyoto based company has today announced that worldwide initial shipments for Pokémon Sun and Pokemon Moon have topped 10 million copies. This number is the highest ever recorded for a Nintendo 3DS game.

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  1. I’ve never been a pokemon guy until about a month ago. In October I beat my first pokemon game (Omega Ruby) then i bought Pokemon X and beat that, then I borrowed my friends Pokemon Y and beat that twice (for the legendary birds). I have half of the pokedex finished already and I’m super hyped for sun and moon :D

    1. its never too late to start your pokemon adventure. i know people will say pokemon is for kids or that the franchise does not interest them which that is their opinion, if you like pokemon cool, if you don’t that is also cool but one should not force their opinions on someone. anyways i recommend playing gen 1 which is on the eshop, which one you wanna play is up to you but when you do play it (at least red or blue) you will find out that the mechanics are kind of broken as in bug and bug/poison is weak to poison and can get poisoned, crits happen way too often when they land on you, you don’t get many crits cuz as i said the game is kind of broken (and fun).

  2. If Pokemon GO has made the main games as big as some of us believe, this 10 million won’t be enough. Expect lots of stock shortages, guys!

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