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North America: You Can Now Pre-Load Super Mario Maker 3DS From The eShop

The 3DS version of Super Mario Maker is releasing soon, and Nintendo has made the game available for pre-loading in the North American 3DS eShop. This is so you can download the game’s data early. When release day arrives, you will only have to download a small update so the game can be playable. The game requires 2,921 blocks of free space, which is the same as 365.125 MB.



  1. Nintendo loves to recycle their games. You made Mario Maker on the Wii U to sell the system and that didn’t go far. Then you put the game on the 3DS when it should have been on the 3DS in the first place. But they will make a crappy version on the 3 instead of how they made it on the Wii U. Nintendo is trying to recycle one game to their 3 to sell for holiday like they did for Wii u. Dudes are so lost

      1. Hyrule wasn’t bad on the 3ds, but let’s be real… Nintendo didn’t port for beggars, they ported to try to cash cow the original game. They do this with Zelda and Mario all the time, their virtual console games and as similar to them releasing a repeat of the Nes

        1. Nintendo and techmo literally said they did it. Because 3ds owners asked for them to ports the experience. It was even on this site… I’m trying to find it but it was in an interview

          1. A lot of people seem to hate Wii U->3DS, but let’s be real here. Anyone who thinks that Nintendo was just going to leave their great games to rot on another system are kidding themselves. I don’t see you guys complaining about Virtual Console.

            1. Wii died with games, gamecude died with games, n64 died with good games. So I don’t think it is as odd as you think dear.

              But I’m taking it you are used to Sony or Microsoft doing these practices so your fine with it

              1. Only ever bought Windows OS from Microsoft and a TV from Sony. Sorry for the hostile response, I made this account just to have an opinion, not to start arguments.

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