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Qubic Games Is Bringing Two Games To Nintendo Switch

Qubic Games is hoping to bring at least two games to Nintendo Switch. The Polish developer has announced plans to port Geki Yaba Runner and Audio-Hero to the upcoming console. Not much is known about the latter title, but Geki Yaba Runner is described as a colorful platformer in which players swoosh, spring and swoop through more than 100 challenging courses. It is also coming to Nintendo 3DS. Check out a gameplay trailer below:

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10 thoughts on “Qubic Games Is Bringing Two Games To Nintendo Switch”

  1. }{ This may both help the Switch succeed, and doom it completely, as it may degrade into a mess of garbage mobile applications as app stores has. Hopefully Nintendo has quality control on what goes on the switch… Heh… Well… I suppose it doesn’t really matter anyway… }{

  2. I’m gonna wait for bigger companies to say they are putting games on the switch. I don’t really have interest for a system with majority Indies

    1. Hopefully the Switch’s eShop will be like the 3DS where we have multiple “folders.” Hopefully one of those folders will be labeled “Shitty Mobile Games that Should Stay on Fucking Phones Where They Fucking Belong Found Here!” lol

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