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Ubisoft’s 30th Anniversary Celebration Video Shows Mario, Luigi And Toad As Rabbids

Ubisoft has posted evidence that they are hard at work developing the rumoured Rabbids & Mario Crossover RPG for the Nintendo Switch launch. The image posted below was shown off in Ubisoft’s 30th anniversary celebration video and shows Mario, Luigi and Toad as Rabbids. The news was first brought to our attention by journalist Laura DaleΒ and this image would appear to back up her claim.




    1. I wonder what kind of RPG it will be. Could it be turn-based? Will it be like the Mario & Luigi series? Could it potentially be an actual Paper Mario game unlike the disasters that were Sticker Star and Color Splash? If so, Ubisoft has the capability to win back the pre-2007 Paper Mario audience.

      Geez. Three different Mario RPGs on the Nintendo Switch. Unbelievable…

  1. Oh god it’s happening… I want to be as cruel to these abominations as possible, or I ain’t touching it!

  2. So does this mean we don’t actually see Mario and Luigi in the game, but rather Mario and Luigi Rabbids? If so, this is starting to make sense now. No different to Mario and Luigi costumes in Rayman Legends.

  3. Damn so I guess it is real. Hopefully it turns out of be good because I hate those stupid hares with a passion.

  4. How does this backup her claim in anyway? It’s a picture that has them looking like rabbids. No information about a game. Her mentioning and the rumored game was not needed in this piece.

    1. It’s the same as saying bin Laden dying has a connection to the death of Hitler. Both are evil but they have no connection. Same as the rabbids dressed as the Mario bros, they have no connection other than they were competing with them in the platforming race along with Sonic.

  5. @tre I think it’s only natural that the connection would be drawn, as the implication is that these cross-over characters suggest that the leak (rumor) about a new Mario/Rabiids game are real.

    If I’d leaked a Metroid/Zelda crossover, I think I’d mention the relevance if recent concept art of Link fighting Ridley on a space station was photographed at Nintendo’s HQ.

    1. That is called reaching. Why not say what it is and leave it at that? A picture of Mario, Luigi, and Toad dressed like or as rabbids.

      1. Reaching or not, it’s still suspect. ESPECIALLY since Ubisoft nor Nintendo have shot down a crossover. And then this thing appears sometime after? Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Or it could be Ubisoft stoking the flames of a rumor that is in fact true.

      2. As the anon below said, while this doesn’t confirm the rumor, it at least strengthens it. If it ends up truly being reaching, only time will tell.

        1. How does it strengthen it when Ubisoft showed other characters as well? People look into everything in gaming. New logos, a picture of something, or a text file. Just let the companies say it when they want to. For me it doesn’t matter if the rumor is true or not. I wait to the company announce it. I try not to give rumors any attention.

    1. How can you call it garbage without seeing it or seeing it being played? No, it may not be my type of game but if someone enjoys it then why not have it made?

      1. Probably because I’m not into game’s that are made for children. And Mario being mixed with Raving Rabbids in an RPG doesn’t make sense to me.

        But hey, whatever. Realistically as long as they’re “supporting” (COUuuGGH COoUuGh) with fair content and not just show boating the obvious crap, I’m good with it.

        Let em’ eat cake.

  6. There were also rabbids of south park characters in that video, so it could just be them showing their support for nintendo.

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