Woman Claims She Was Attacked At Target Over An NES Classic Edition

A woman in Tomball, Texas, claims she was attacked at a Target store while trying to purchase the NES Classic Edition. According to the woman, she had one of the popular consoles in her hands until another customer threatened to shoot her over it. You can check out the video here to hear the unnamed woman’s story. Target and Walmart recently addressed customers’ concerns about being unable find the NES Classic Edition.



  1. It’s certainly not excusable, but I’d be willing to bet this scenario wouldn’t have played out if Nintendo was a little more intelligent when it comes to stocking this thing…

  2. BTW the NES mini is trash. C’mon Nintendo, Sega and Capcom are remastering their games while Nintendo just puts a bunch of emulated games in one cheap system just for the money. I don’t care what people say but I just think it’s trash

          1. i’m sorry but the nes mini is a luxury item that is basically an overpriced Emulator. And yes I know I have two but even i think it’s silly for something like this.

  3. I really want this item… But it stinks how long I am waiting for it to be in stock. I like the NES because it is convenient, small, and very affordable. I don’t think Nintendo should screw around and put no stock just for people to freeze their butts off when stock comes in. I hope to get one b4 Christmas though

    1. “over a Nintendo”
      “a Nintendo”

    1. Good thing I put the thing I bought on Black Friday in Lay-A-Way! :D But like others have said, this isn’t excusable but sadly, yeah.

  4. Well if the usa have better gun law,and not that wild west mentality this would have been avoided. In the other hand Nintendo miss again an opportunity to up their profits and hurting themselves in the long run.

    1. ||We have nothing to do with the primitive nature of these primates…||

      1. True and agree with you but you have to acknowledge that Nintendo did mess up by not providing enough units to satisfy the demand. In fact I would go as far as to say that Nintendo America didn’t do the marketing job.

        1. ||Well they just underestimated the interest…||

          ||The marketing has been fine…||

          1. Marketing duty for me include survey and judging the interest of people for a product. So yeah you are right when you say they underestimated. Hence my point and why I think they messed up. Even before it was released people wanted it, even me Joe block could have told you it would be a success. They should have produced 5 millions units to avoid this kind of situation (disregard the usa and they love for gun).

            1. ||Yes I see, we are on the same page as you humans say…||

              ||This leads to the dreadful 2 million units of Switch at launch, it should be doubled…||

              1. doubled? more like tripled…they need a massive production if to hope not receive hell from fans like the mini has been as of late (by the way, I still think its great news that they are still selling like hot cakes). I mean….wow…it’s the amiibo case all over again basically.

                1. ||I’m saying at launch day, High Command already confirmed that they are prepared to ship Switches at a fast pace when demands are there…||

        1. What is this obsession that you have with the US gun law? Better gun laws do not equal and will never reduce crime. If a person wants a gun, they’ll get it no matter what, legally or illegally. And if they’re going to use it to commit a crime, they’ll most likely get it illegally. If people want to rob or hurt someone, they will do it, with or without the use of a gun. By your logic, if someone robs or hurts someone with a knife, should the US implement stricter knife laws? How about if a person strangles someone with a rope? Stricter rope laws? What about someone who runs a person over with their car? Stricter car laws? And what about someone who beats up another person with their bare hands? Stricter fist and hand laws?

          1. Well actually gun crime with stricter law are lower look outside US. Why are you so against stricter law?so it better to do nothing by your logic. Yeah the guy could use a knife but he chose a gun, the fact he used a gun cause it available. For me it’s obvious you are this kind of guys who want to play with his gun and will never welcome stricter laws. I guess you are happy to see mass shooting. I do believe it’s a mentality issue and we will never agree on that issue

            1. first of all, i do not own a gun or have ever held one. you jumped the gun (pun intended) by assuming that i’m “this kind of guys who want to play with his gun…”

              yes, gun crime might be lower outside of the US. but have you considered how much crime in the US were commited using illegally acquired guns? if people are already acquiring guns illegally, what makes you think that having stricter laws will stop them? they’re already aqcuiring it illegally, outside of the law to begin with.

              you also have to consider the region where these gun crimes are commited. the US is huge and most of these gun related crimes are scattered and isolated on certain states. also different states have their own set of gun laws. i live in Hawaii and gun violence is very, very low to almost non existent. more people in Hawaii get killed by car crashes and vehicular accidents than guns.

              you assume that i’m “against stricter law”, you assume wrong. i just don’t think stricter gun laws will affect gun related violence in the US.

              another thing is, for people who do not live in US (i am assuming you are from another country), it’s not that easy to get and own a gun.

              my point is, regardless of stricter laws, people will always find a way to hurt people. if it’s not a gun, it will be something else.

              1. If stricter laws won’t reduce it, I guess it says more about how fucked up America is these days than anything else. :/

    2. What does this have to do with gun laws? Laws won’t stop people from hurting others for personal gain. If not a gun, it will be a knife, or anything really. Should the US have stricter knife laws? We have laws against theft and burglary, laws against hurting and threatening people, but that didn’t stop this guy from doing what he did. This incident has nothing to do with gun laws. It has everything to do with one person who resorted to commit a crime to get what he wanted.

      1. What does it has to do with gun law? Well as I say below it a fact that stricter gun law will reduce gun crimes not crimes do believe I never say gun crimes will stop crimes. People get all powerful when they have a gun but tell them to go and fight bare hand and I believe they will do nothing.

  5. I went to the new EntertainMart that just opened (around 15 miles from where I live), and I saw 2 NES Mini’s behind the glass cabinet. But before I could get excited, I saw a price tag of more than 200 dollars. WHAT? A scalper price in an actual store? WTF? I’m living in the Twilight Zone.
    (0 _ o)

  6. So, did he purchase it at gun-point? Or did he steal it? While this behavior is primal, the NES Mini doesnt belong to you until after you’ve purchased it.

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