Walmart Is “Working Hard” To Fulfill The High Demands For The NES Classic Edition

Consumers are still finding it difficult to get their hands on the sought-after NES Classic Edition. One of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart, has acknowledged the popularity of the console and confirmed that it’s “working hard” to fulfill the high demands for it. Target is another retail company that has been addressing customers’ questions about where they can find the system. Their comments can be read in the tweets below:



        1. You are such an idiot. You do realize that what they are selling you is a memory card in the shape of an nes system and is an emulator programed with 30 games in it, right? I guess you like being a corporate slave and pay your 60 dollars for shitty emulators as physical systems then.

          1. Some of us like to LEGALLY play our emulations. And don’t give me the B.S. about legal ROMS. It’s an untrue urban legend that owning the cart, or NES games over a certain age allow you to legally own the ROMs. Funnily enough, the emulators appear to be legal.

            1. If you own the system, you can download emulators and the Roms you own. That is actual law. If you need websites to validate this, I can send you a ton. But if you’re stupid enough to buy this shit again after you own one and can easily download the system and game’s, then be my guess. But tell me why Nintendo hasn’t stopped cool and dope roms from pushing their nes and SNES games out yet? Because they can’t know if someone really owns the game or not, and if they push legal action on someone who does download a game they own, they can caught with their hands in the jar and can have a suit for invasion of privacy for trying to say someone is pirating. Your money to WASTE just to play “LEGAL”

        1. I’m actually not a PC gamer and have emus on my phone. I don’t like gaming on PC at all. Nice assumption, as you make an ass out of you and not me :)

        1. Okay corporate slave. Tell me how the switch is when no Zelda comes with it along with the recycled clone games of Splatoon and Mario kart and Mario land

          1. Calls people a corporate slave. Owns a cell phone… Love it. Maybe some people want to play classic games on their TVs. I have a 60 and would rather play Excite Bike on that, than a computer monitor or worse yet, my fuckin cell phone screen. This is what being a console fan is all about. And people don’t mind paying for convenience. I guess I can call you a corporate slave for not chopping down lumbar and building your own furniture. Or killing your own animals to eat. Get off your high horse.

            1. What does playing it on a phone have to do with anything? Unlike you wasting your money to play for a fake emulator, I own the actual shit on a real NES and I own the carts, thus how I am able to download an emulator on my phone and computer you idiot. You clearly no nothing about emulators and Roms. How does Nintendo taste, cause you have them in your mouth right now.

            2. And if you were smart, you would realize that people connect their computers to their TV’s and use actual controls that connect to USB drives. There is a ton of websites that convert the old nes and SNES controllers into USB or Bluetooth controllers. And I’m a corporate slave for having a phone? Do you even know what that means? Do you know where it even comes from? You set the definition of what one is as you define Nintendo even for stupid things like re-releasing a system to bank off dumb people like yourself, when everything is on virtual console. And better yet, this nes crap is being released because their Wii U is a total flop and they wanna bank of fans somehow for the holidays. Isn’t it funny how they do it? Under shipping the product, driving the hype, and trying to get more idiots to buy it. You are a tool in every way. Thanks for showing that.

  1. Fuck u nintendo, been a loyal consumer for 35+ years. Not anymore. Its ridiculous how you play games to create hype for your upcomming nintendo switch by holding back demand on the nes classic. If you would come out of your time warp on get on the same page with sony and microsoft, you would be able to sell your next gen console without all the bullshit.

    1. Ok…how? By doing the same thing…slapping their dicks together to see who is better? And where the hell did you come up with the mini being a hype machine for the switch? They are two different systems? Maybe You’re just trolling and don’t know the difference of a console being its own seller or you’re just trying to get attention by pissing off fans because that didn’t make much sense to me.

  2. I ordered mine, got an email saying the shipping was delayed. I’m happy to pay for this, despite the fact that it is just a glorified emulator box, because it’s actually officially licensed and manufactured. I get to once again support a company that I love for games that I love. It’s not that I’m a slave, it’s just a way for me to show my support while also getting a neat new toy to share with my daughter.

  3. I’m still wanting an NES Mini myself. Haven’t found them ANYWHERE. I’m SO sick of seeing “out of stock” or “not available” on every store website. And scalpers……..they all deserve to get beat up. Every store should have a “1 per customer” limit.

  4. I want the controllers just to use he membrane, buttons and shells as they’re the same layout as the original pads. My original pads are looking worse for wear.

  5. Walmart, you shouldn’t be the one working hard. Nintendo are literally under supplying the NES Classic on purpose so you would have to put up with their nonsense. There will come a time where I hope retailers will not accept anymore of Nintendo’s retarded short supply tactics.

    1. Sadly, they won’t because any money made is good money even if it is slightly morally fucked up.

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