Pokémon Sun & Moon Score Nintendo’s Biggest UK Launch Ever

Pokemon Sun & Moon have done exceptionally well in the United Kingdom and have taken the crown as Nintendo’s biggest ever debut in the country. Yes, the game has beaten games such as Wii Fit and any Wii or Nintendo DS era launch, which is staggering. Eurogamer deputy news editor Tom Phillips says that Pokémon Sun and Moon managed in one day what Wii Fit sold in two weeks. Combined, the games outsold Infinite Warfare and Watch Dogs 2.



      1. It will take your 1st 45mins to complete your first pokemon while you spend another 25mins pressing A repeatedly. They go from explaining how to use potions and how to.cure poison etc etc.

        1. … Good God. Maybe I should hold off on this game further til they do an update that lets people skip the tutorials. @.@

        2. Yeah right. GameFreak is too stupid to realize that some of the players of these games have played previous entries & don’t need tutorials to explain everything from A to Z. Even then, some people don’t need tutorials at all when playing any game for the first time as they like to figure things out on their own.

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