Ubisoft Says That The Nintendo Switch “Helps Expand The Possibilities Of Fun”

The newest issue of Famitsu has been published. In it, there are some remarks by Alain Corre, Ubisoft’s EMEA boss, about the Nintendo Switch. Corre responded by saying “we have big expectations for the innovative Nintendo Switch. Our Just Dance franchise, for example, is one that people enjoy with families. With the Nintendo Switch in hand, children, their parents, or even their grandparents, would be able to dance out in the backyard on holidays. Doesn’t that sound exciting (laughs)? The hardware really helps expand the possibilities of fun, people of all ages will be able to play games anywhere. We hope to have a wide variety of software available, but we’re unable to go into details just yet. Sorry (laughs).”

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  1. I think it’d be hard to play Just Dance outside like that using a small screen like that. In order to have room to shake what your biological mother gave you you’d have to step back from the screen.

    Maybe they could adjust the images or something?

    1. Same but there are rumors going that Ghost Recon: Wildlands and For Honor are among the multiplats that will be coming to the Switch along with exclusives like Beyond Good And Evil 2 and the Mario X Rabbids RPG title. I’m really hoping these rumors are true

  2. OF COURSE Ubisoft is going to bring Just Dance as an example. It’s not like they were going to talk about, oh I don’t know,… Assassin’s Creed or something.

    Assassin’s Creed? Watch Dogs (the second one is actually pretty good)? Splinter Cell? Rayman? Pfft! Hell no! Let’s get Just Dance up in this bitch!

    1. I’ve given up on getting Assassin’s Creed games for Nintendo consoles as I don’t trust Ubisoft to not screw over Nintendo & it’s customer base again, but I’d be a fool to say the Switch could do without those titles. So here’s hoping they aren’t thinking of testing the waters of the Switch with Just Dance first & deciding on whether to bring other franchises after it sells well. If they do & it fails to sell, many can kiss the idea of any AAA titles like Assassin’s Creed on Switch good bye.

  3. “All we’re making for the Switch are some shitty casual games like Just Dance or Mario & Raving Rabbits at the Troll Party, because we absolutely don’t believe in Nintendo. Sorry (laughs).”

  4. If they intend to test the waters with Switch with this game, pfft. Don’t get your hopes up & expect Assassin’s Creed or anything else like that in the future if Just Dance 2018 flops.

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