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Nintendo America Hosting Private Hands-on For Nintendo Switch In New York January 13th

Nintendo of America has confirmed that they are hosting a private five hours hands-on session for the Nintendo Switch platform in New York on January 13th. The event is for the media to get a hands-on impression of the console following the Tokyo webcast which will offer further information about the platform including pricing and launch games. Other territories will also be handling press events for media to get hands-on with the console.


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  1. Isn’t the day after Jan 13 the day they will talk about the NS? Why a private conference with the media first?

    1. The big livestream for the switch is on the 12th. So you have the big livestream with all the info, and then the next day you have the event for the press to go hands on.

      1. Exactly. The press and media are always the ones who plays these systems before the public does so they can give the public an impression of what to expect. January 12th can’t come soon enough….I really want to see what Nintendo has in store for us with the Switch

            1. XD Now that’s funny! Although, I think Maggie was old enough to be married since the Zelda series does take place in a fantasy setting set in medieval times and people did marry very young back then.

  2. Looking so forward to this!! My friend is going to try to get me in :)
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    1. Considering how shitty stock has been from Nintendo over the last few years and the past few recent months, don’t count on it!

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