The Game Awards Will Have An “Exclusive Look” At Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Nintendo fans, especially Zelda fans, will have something to look forward to during The Game Awards. Nintendo has announced that fans can see an “exclusive look” at Zelda: Breath Of The Wild at this year’s Game Awards. The announcement didn’t have more details than this, but with The Game Awards happening in just a few days, it won’t be long before that changes. We’ve included the Game Awards tweet Nintendo made down below.



    1. Same. I have been doing this for most of the games that I’ve been waiting for. I find that I tend to enjoy them more if the whole plot and gameplay isn’t spoiled for me. It kind of reminds me back in the day, when internet wasn’t as accessable or fully developed and gaming magazines, or word by mouth, were the main forms of information distribution. I sometimes feel upset that it’s so easy to find almost everything out about a game before it’s even released, because of the internet. For instance, look at what happened to Pokรฉmon Sun/Moon with the whole Pokรฉdex leak when the demo was data mined.

    2. I feel that same way, to an extent. I’ve looked at several videos, but I don’t want to dwell in it so much that the fun is spoiled. With past Zelda games etc., I watched so many trailers (and game footage) that by the time I got the games, I felt as if I had already owned them, and played them before. It truly does ruin a lot of the excitement when watching too many trailers and game footage videos of a game.

  1. “…fans can see an “exclusive lookโ€ at Zelda: Breath Of The Wild at this yearโ€™s Game Awards”

    LAMO! Why? What’s the point? For hype? For the Fans? For Nintendo’s own ego? GTFO… The game isn’t even going to release until March 2017 at the earliest. More likely July 2017.

    Nintendo you may be my Bae… but your desperation for attention is extremely unattractive.


    1. you think Nintendo will spoil anything? I expect a showcase of key features, but not any story. Honestly, if i hear calamity i will FREAK OUT. There is no point in buying a game you know so little about.

        1. I have always had my gameplay planned by analysis. I already know where all the great plateau outfits and claymores and soldiers weapons are. I understand that everyone likes it different.

  2. Forget this game. Nintendo is trying to keep people interested before they announce it’s going to be pushed back again. Witcher 3 is what Skyward Sword should have been. Play it. Such a good game.

  3. If there was a guarantee they’d reveal the actual release date for the game on Wii U and Switch & that release date is still March 2017, then I’d gladly watch it. Otherwise, no thanks as watching it will just make me want the game more & I don’t need that incentive right now if there is a high chance it’s gonna be delayed longer than we hoped it would.

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