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The Nintendo Switch Console That Was At The Tonight Show Has A European CE Marking

All it takes is one public appearance, and the analysis will begin. And the Nintendo Switch is no exception, because fans have been giving the Nintendo Switch’s appearance on The Tonight Show a thorough look. One of the things spotted was a European CE marking on the back of the console. CE stands for European Conformity, which is a mandatory marking for a product to be sold in Europe. It’s similar to the FCC. Speculation has risen about this marking supporting the region-free rumors that have been spreading about the console this year. Although nothing is set in stone, the wait won’t be for much longer. We’re one month away from the Switch event.


Thanks, MasterPikachu6

37 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch Console That Was At The Tonight Show Has A European CE Marking”

  1. I like region locking, it keeps us from barging into other cultures like it was our own. Just imagine Bill gates in Japan advertising the Xbox one with burgers on each hand … No wonder the Xbox one did not sell a single console in Japan. Region locking keeps us gamers civil.

    1. You have to be trolling… Who the hell thinks like that?! Have you played Japanese games? Probably not based on those words you vomited on your keyboard.
      Region locking slowly kills the industry as a whole.
      (Also, Xbox one sold 242 consoles last week.)

  2. It also allows us to import games not released in the US and play them on the system. That’s literally the only thing region locking does.

  3. The upcoming Switch presentation in January is SO going to crash the internet. At least, the sites that it plays on. I just hope I can find a reliable site that won’t crash. I had to watch the Switch trailer on YouTube. Nintendo’s site was out of the question.

  4. Why would they use a European Switch in the first place? What if the European localization of Zelda is done first (this happened several times before) and the reason why they use a European Switch is because the newest localization, which happens to be European, only plays on European Switch consoles?

      1. I meant Nintendo games in general. It’s not uncommon in recent years that the PAL version of a Nintendo game gets released before the American NTSC version.

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  6. Region locking is a good thing, because it helps support your own country’s economy, and benefits statistics. There’s a reason why many companies decide to utilize region lock, and it’s not to be an asshole to their consumers. If the Switch is region-free, I can imagine a lot of Europeans buying from America, inflating their statistics and speeding up the decline of games stores and physical games in general from Europe. I don’t think the positive trait of a lack of region-exclusive games outweighs the negatives. If you were really serious about wanting a game from Japan or whatever, you can buy a Japanese console. Hell, some people throw money at consoles just to play one exclusive all the time.

    1. Ok region lock is good, but Nintendo never think about customers. I may be wrong that region free corresponds with price, but shit, in Russia games so costly! In steam, it depends on currency. But nintendo eShop doesn’t even care…

        1. Yeah, though the main problem now is that Dollar is high to Ruble. Other things are fine here. Internet is very cheap btw:) And Nintendo came in Russia only with wii U (they sold consoles but without official support offices). I hope they will change they price strategy in Russia with new console. If so, I will buy it. Now having Wii U and waiting for BoTW:)

  7. Down with region locking! With a region free Nintendo console, I can finally enjoy the games NoA doesn’t stupidly censor in my native US English language while also avoiding games they fuck over with stupid censorship by simply importing from the UK or Japan. If region free consoles means NoA dies, good fucking riddance! If it’s not gonna change for the better, it deserves to die.

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