Here’s The Gorgeous Seasons Of Heaven Teaser Trailer For Nintendo Switch

One of the more interesting titles we know about for the Nintendo Switch is the recently unveiled Seasons of Heaven. The action adventure title admittedly looks very pretty and you can get a full glimpse of the intriguing game on December 19th. Until now you’ve got this teaser trailer to watch.


  1. Looks impressive! Of course, many will compare this to BotW, but being able to switch between the boy and the dog for gameplay differences, will be something interesting, and of course, fitting for being on this console… lol

    With the Switch having the power to keep up with current graphics levels, games popping up left and right for it (like Yooka-Laylee likely being switched to… you get it lol) I think this console is going to have a lot of appeal.

    Powerful. Fully Portable. Great games. There is one last thing that Nintendo needs to do, to ensure this thing becomes one of, if not it’s very best selling home console.. Put Pokemon Stars on it. Fastest selling game in Nintendo history, one of their biggest IPs ever, finally on a home console? If you thought the Wii printed money… watch out.

        1. I hope it’s going to go into the 300-350$-direction. I understand that cheaper might appeal to more ppl in general, but just take a WiiU Gamepad in your hand and tell me this really feels like a well crafted product.
          I want a device that feels like they didn’t have to make too many compromises, with good screenquality, good builtquality, the best possible hardware, long lasting battery and so on. And for 250$ a device that consists of 3 rechargable elements (meaning 3 separate batteries), a (possible) multitouch-screen with (I guess) 720p and a Docking station that’s able to connect and charge the main element would suffer too many compromises, especially if Nintendo wants to make profit with every sold device (which they usually intend to do. Except with the WiiU, but I don’t think they wanna repeat anything, they did with the WiiU).
          So I personally am absolutely willing to pay a few bucks extra for a better experience.

          1. I’m willing to pay more too, but remember, mobile technology is being used here, and it’s usually cheaper. Remember, the 3DS was priced around there. It didn’t use this kind of common mobile technology, it used a completely different and likely proprietary set of chips. In reality, it was pretty darn close to a handheld Wii. It got Wii ports that ran in stereoscopic 3D, and didn’t look too much worse for the wear. Plus, this is a partnership with NVIDIA to an extent. This is NVIDIA’s way to get into the console market, so they may have made an investment and are making up for any losses Nintendo may get with selling it low. Who knows, but no matter what, having something as portable as a 3DS and as powerful as at least an XBO is going to be killer.

  2. It should be noted that this is not running on the Switch, instead it is rtunning on a PC.Having said that, the devs also said that the Switch would likely look like this and I dont think they would make a version that would simply be horrible comparing to its Switch counterpart.Cant wait for this!

    1. Not horrible, but of course devs won’t say ‘it will look worse’ and instead say something like ‘it will still carry the same mood and setting and so on blabla’. We’ve been there a few times in the past, we just have to wait. So far, devs haven’t said too much about what the Switch’s is capable of or if there are certain technologies like subsurface scattering that it might or might not be able to handle.
      So far I really wouldn’t expect the Switch to come close to what we see here, although on a PS4 this would be quite an easy task to achieve.
      As teh Switch is (I believe) still rumored to maybe get NVidias rumored new chip which isn’t even out yet, it could also be that devs don’t even know themselves what the final Switch hardware would be capable of. If these rumors would be true though, I see a chance that the Switch could manage that kind of visuals.
      But after the WiiU, where fanboys predicted for years games being announced with PS4 like visuals once devs would handle the WiiU hardware, I truly cannot read this anymore. Jan13th will give us a better picture about what that system is capable and what not.

      1. Nobody predicted the Wii U would have PS4 level graphics. They said they would be significantly improved over PS3, and that was mostly true. Many games ran at full 1080p native 60fps, something virtually no PS3 game did, and even some XBO games don’t (mostly due to more complex textures and types of games)

        The Switch’s power isn’t fully known, but it’s been proven that it can handle current gen titles. Nintendo would never showcase current gen games in their initial ad (NBA2k 17 and Skyrim Remastered) if the Switch wasn’t able to run them in real life. Also, Bethesda stated very clearly that they would not develop games for the Switch, if it wasn’t at least on par with the original XBO. Apparently it is, because they are making games for it.

        Last point, UE4 is fully supported on Switch. Not a watered down version either. Unity as well. From Software has also stated that they have Darksouls 3 up an running on the Switch at a level they are happy with. That may not confirm the game, but being able to port the game in a few months on the Switch, and it’s running at what they feel is a good level, that means the Switch is plenty capable. You have to read between the lines.

    2. It is most likely running on a dev kit and they are never overpowered, because otherwise the games wouldn’t run on the final console. This is real Switch graphics!

    1. Why not? The Switch fully supports UE4, and this was built on UE4. Why would they showcase a game like this, at this level, if they didn’t think the Switch would be able to handle it? Why not just make it for PC or PS4 Pro/Scorpio? This game looks like a combination of Breath of the Wild game play/environment, with the more realistic appearance found in Skyrim Remastered, both games coming to Switch.

  3. I haven’t see indie developer trying so hard in the graphics department of a unreleased console. Im not especting a 100% exact version of this on ns but if they say it would look almost the same who i am to not trust them? They haven’t give me a reason not to yet.

    1. I think this game could end being published by Nintendo so maybe that’s the reason Any Arts is trying so hard to make this game visually impressive. Maybe they are trying to show the power of the Switch and so far the game does look promising. Hopefully more info will be shared on January 12th….I certainly want to hear more about this potentially great title

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