Canceling Yooka-Laylee On Wii U Has “Nothing To Do” With Ending Wii U Production

It was recently revealed that Yooka-Laylee is no longer coming to Wii U in favor of a Nintendo Switch port. In a follow-up interview, Playtonic Games has explained why it made the decision to cancel the Wii U version, which apparently has “nothing to do” with the imminent end to console production. The studio also says it ran into some “unforeseen technical difficulties” when developing for Wii U.

“No, that had nothing to do with the decision,” said studio head Gavin Price. “As we have shared, it’s simply down to unforeseen technical difficulties. Its a testament to the team that we have continued to fully explore every possible option throughout making Yooka-Laylee.

“Our backers are why we are here today and that’s our first priority. We can assure you this was a hard decision for everyone. Our team has so much combined Nintendo heritage and we’re huge Nintendo fans as individuals. That’s why we’re working hard to make things right for our backers and with Nintendo and Playtonic’s fanbase over the coming weeks and months.”



        1. i think other m wasn’t that bad people are just being bitchy it wasn’t fps Changes happen yes the restrictions were a pain but it gave a good challenge

  1. Right. It has to do with that plus the fact it sold like shit. The Switch version better be on time though.

  2. These guys seem down the earth in all the interviews I’ve seen. I personally doubt they are making this up. I remember when I first saw YL and was surprised they were releasing it on Wii U. For such a small team, they’re making it very beautiful. Maybe they’re having trouble making it run without major compromises in either performance or visuals. Having technical issues is really no surprise.

    1. I think it’s fairly obvious there are technical issues with the Wii U version, but that didn’t arise yesterday, they’ve known for months that they can’t deliver this game, but they kept lying about it being progressing well because they wanted to keep getting donations for it.
      They’re scam artists, they took the money for a product they knew they could never deliver and now are demanding people ask for refunds instead of doing the ethical thing and issuing the refunds themselves.

      1. 6 platforms planned and they’re scam artists because one of them had trouble? Get real. These are the badass motherfuckers who made donkey kong country and banjo kazooie. They know what they’re doing.

      1. “Sacrifice visuals if you have to”

        In the case of GTA V, It started out as just a PS3 and 360 release when it first came out; Rockstar had confirmed nothing about a release on next gen consoles or PC, so it would make sense for the game to be optimized for those consoles. In this case, however, it’s a primarily PS4, XBOne, and PC developed game being ported to a weaker console. Sure, you can sacrifice visuals for it to work, but who would want a visually inferior game just for the sake of running on older hardware?

        Now, I’m one that prefers gameplay over visuals, but with a platform, I expect something that plays well and has good visual style to boot. Why would I want to play a version that wouldn’t look nearly as good as the other ones? I’d much rather wait for the Nintendo Switch version, so that then I could get that better visual quality.

        There’s also the issue of framerate. If the game were to be ported to Wii U, even with visuals tuned down, there is still a high likelihood of framerate dips. Why? The large open world environments. From what I’ve seen in gameplay screenshots and trailers, Yooka Laylee sports fairly large worlds to explore, and with the Wii U having a fairly weak processor (you can find pretty gross looking pop in in games like Mario 3D World, for example), the game would chug a lot in the open areas. Now, you could argue “just lower the draw distance.” Again, that would result in disgusting pop-in. I don’t mind things loading in as I move along, but not when it’s in my face about it.

        1. About that pop-in in Mario 3D World that’s just poor LOD-work, a matter of craft rather than limitations.
          In Xenoblade X for instance they would have replaced those trees and bushes with textures depicting trees and bushes at a certain distance.
          Balance this right (detail/distance) and it looks good to boot.

  3. Bullshit, game-breaking problems don’t just arise one day a few months before launch, game development is far too slow for that to be feasible.
    They cancelled this version ever since NX was just a rumor, and they have the gall to demand people go and ask for a refund if they want it instead of issuing refunds for all the people pledging for a Wii U version because they’ve already spent that money on the Switch and other versions.

    1. Do you seriously believe they’re developing the game from the ground up just for the Wii U? No you dumbfuck, they’re porting it over. They just didn’t know the Wii U couldn’t handle it entirely. They’re an indie team, at least they tried instead of directly skipping it. They announced this game during Wii U’s worst moments, so there’s no reason why they would abandon it at this point just because of the “failure of the console”

      1. Honestly, no. The game’s been in development for quite a while now, and it does seem very hard to believe indeed that they would run into problems only now, even if it’s just a port. Just like it’s kinda difficult to believe they’ve started development for the Switch only now as well.
        And what do you mean, “They announced this game during Wii U’s worst moments, so there’s no reason why they would abandon it at this point just because of the “failure of the console”? Announcing this at the WiiU’s worst moments is exactly what leads people to believe they’re abandong it because of its failure, haha. There’s just not enough money to make on the WiiU at this point.
        Also, resorting to insults doesn’t make your arguments more convincing, it just makes it harder to take you seriously.

        On another note, I’m wondering – where are all the people who usually go all like “buuut, how can a console that can handle games like Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World and SSB not handle a game like this??!?”. But ya know what, this time, I’ll be that person: If the WiiU can run a game like Zelda BoTW, why would it not be able to run a game like Yooka Laylee? Sure, it wouldn’t be the best version of the game, but I’d assume it would very well be playable.

      2. They said many times that they were working with the Wii U version alongside the PC version in-house.
        Also, go call dumbfuck the ugliest fucking cunt in your house, which must be the supid fat whore that spawned you.

  4. As someone who backed this for the Wii U I’m both not surprised and actually a bit relieved. I’m not sure I’ll be in a position financially to get a Switch at launch, but I do have a decently powerful gaming PC so I’ll be able to take full advantage of how good this game will be able to look.

  5. Of course it has to do with that. If the WiiU would be there for 2 more years, having lots of games coming and good support and a healthy userbase, they might’ve continued working on that project. I mean, the WiiU version should be 70-80% finished right now so cancelling it will have to do something with the same reasons why Nintendo is ending the WiiU lifecycle.

    Anyways, I love Playtonic for this. Love, love, love. I said it before and I need to shout it out again: I backed that game and now I already paid for it and gonna get it on the Switch. Due to the WiiU’s end and my lack of motivation to get any other digital download on that dead console which won’t be compatible with future systems, I wanted to switch to the PS4 version. Now that I know that I can stay on Nintendo and even be able to play it on the go (YES! FUCK YEAH!) I’m just so happy =)

  6. It’s the hardware.
    Wii U is a bitch to develop for.
    Odds are, they found that developing it for Switch was tons easier.
    A lot of devs have been saying that the Switch is far easier to develop for than the Wii U ever was.
    So i’m sure the technical issues are true.

  7. My interpretation is they simply can’t get the game to run per their standards, period.
    Forget the fact that the Wii U is prematurely on the chopping block– this is a hardware issue plain & simple.

  8. I love seeing consoles pushed to the limit and was looking forward to this game on Wii U. Nintendo should help them with Wii U development considering they have BoTW running well on that console.

  9. This makes my decision of the Switch to easily.pick Now I know to buy Breath of Wild for the next Console real quick.

    Smart decision by the way, the Switch is more powerful and can up the visuals better any day. Hip hip hurray.

  10. I love how absolutely nobody considers the possible fact that the reason they lied about it’s progress, if they ever did at all, would be because they didn’t want to disappoint people and they were trying to work around it.

    People keep making claims like “they had to have known about this for months!” like they know that for a fact. That’s pure bullshit. Yeah, problems didn’t arrive just the day before, that would be utterly asinine and without logic, but insinuating that they knew this all months in advance and lied to get more donations?

    People giving them the Inafune treatment everywhere I go cause they have no ability to think outside their depression-rotted thought patterns.

    1. Hey i resent that!
      I have depression and i’m not in that thinking pattern!
      Dude, don’t insult a group of people by lumping them all together.
      Depression does not rot your brain, you ass!

  11. From the number of devs moving from half developed Wii U games to developing for the switch, it must be incredibly easier to work with than the Wii U was. This is a good sign indeed.

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