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Yooka-Laylee Coming April 11th And Wii U Version Has Been Canceled In Favour Of Nintendo Switch

One of the more promising 3D platforms lined up for next year is Yooka-Laylee. The team over at Playtonic have announced a release date for the long-awaited 3D adventure and you’ll be able to get your hands on the title on April 11th. Pre-orders are now available at £34.99 / $39.99 / €39.99 for non-Kickstarter backers in both digital and physical formats from all participating stores worldwide. The team has decided to cancel the Wii U version of the game and is instead developing a Switch release. The team says they’ve encountered unforeseen technical issues that unfortunately mean it will be impossible for them to release the game on Wii U as initially planned. They go on to say that they are now working very closely with Nintendo to look to bring Yooka-Laylee to the upcoming Nintendo Switch. We’re looking forward to exploring the opportunity and will have more details to share early next year.


Thanks to ctmike1, Daniel, and E for the tip!


      1. Yeah, I was kinda mad at first but then I re-filtered and thought this was for the better.
        I mean, why make a game with huge amounts of time and resources, just so it can go in an actual coffin?

        1. Because thats what they promised to backers at the 1Million mark. Had this not been a stretch goal then it wouldnt have mattered. Still, a lot of these kickstarter projects have been failing to meet what they promised (MN9, Project Cars, Stomping Land, and now YL) it sucks but this only makes Kickstarter harder to trust.

          1. I understand your argument, yes, it was a stretch goal, but remember that they, as developres, also need to make smart business decissions. Remember, PS4 and XO are new platforms, MAC/PC/Linux depend on the graphics card, so they can develop with new technology. As a developer I cringe when I see peopl hiring to develop in outdated technologies just for the sake of it or just because that’s how they’ve done it many years before. Also, as a developr, I would look for a platform that will both be easy to develop for and that will deliver the best possible product to my backers, Wii U is NOT that platform, it’s hard to develop on and we’ve all known it. Yes, it was a stretch goal, one that was announced waaay before the Switch had gone public, all we had back then was rumours, Playtonic just really wanted to show their support to Nintendo platforms by developing for their Home Console at the time. I understand them and the difficulties they must’ve faced when developing for the Wii U, from a company, developer and business point of view, their decission makes sence, they’re essentially saying “look we won’t be able to do it on the Wii U, but you can opt for any other platform, and we will continue to support Nintendo with the Switch version.” I’m not saying it doesn’t suck for people only with a Wii U, of course it does for them, specially if they won’t or can’t buy a Switch, but I do think they did make a good decission. Better to spend resources on a platform that’s easier to develop for (with direct support from Nintendo themselves), making i more likely for it to be made and be made good, than spend those resources (or even more) developing in a platform that might not get it in the end. What’s better? Move development toa new console with the choice of getting your money back? Or plain and simply cancelling it and giving you the finger? I’ll take the first option any time.

            1. I rather take the option that they didnt give us, you know, to get it on the platform that the promised.

              I get your point, and as a bussiness move, it makes the most sense. Thats not what angers me when it comes to developers though. What angers me is that they make promises, and dont keep them, we all know that consoles are always comimg, its no excuse. Plus the NX was announced on march of 2015, YL was kickstarted 2 whole months after the NX announcement. Nintendo came out and said that they were releasing a New console codenamed NX, it wasnt a rumor, it was out of the horse’s mouth. As ive said in the past, I was going to get this for my XBO, now im not getting it all. I dont support this practice with anyone else, so these guys (as legendary as they are) dont get a pass either.

    1. I think you can’t blame them and their excuse is valid. It has been the same in the past with a bunch of other 3rd party developers and indies, hwo really struggled to develop for the system because of it’s architecture and so on. At least they didn’t fool with the people as the devs of Project Cars did, who mentioned multiple times how great the game looks on the WiiiU and then suddendly canceled it, because the system suddendly can’t handle it. Of course it’s a shame for all the backers who wanted a WiiU version, you can’t argue that. But that’s how Kickstarter works, your support doesn’t mean you will get the game 100%. So switching (huehue) development to the Switch is the right choice. When I look at the trailer I don’t think the WiiU could run the game in that quality, and I believe no one wants another half assed game for the system.

      1. Wrong. People Paid for a WiiU version. The devs took their money to make something else.

        If you paid for a PC game, and they gave you a Mac version and expected you to buy another computer, you would be pissed.
        It’s Bullshit.

        1. Except that they’r not forcing you to buy the new console, they’re offering you to change for another version or get a refund if you want to, yes, they got money to develop for a Wii U version, but from a business point of view, it didn’t make sense any longer. When you invest, no matter what you invest on, you have risks, some are higher, some are lower, in this case, if you so desire, you can actually get your money back instead of losing it forever.

        2. Its a huge problem with kickstarter. It’s never a good thing, under any circumstances, when someone gets money in advance for a job they have not yet completed. Kickstarter is going down the toilet because of these early devs taking advantage of it. You can’t raise money for a game, and then when you get all the funds plus some on top, delay it for two years. (Castlevania successor) You can’t raise money for a game and not release it on the platform that was promised.(Yooka) The problem with kickstarter is that it’s only good for the developers. The actual consumer/fan has no rights and is literally gambling their money. Not me, not anymore. I learned my lesson months ago.

    2. It’s actually a completely valid excuse in their case, they never made a game for wii u before so why wouldn’t they have trouble learning the architecture

    3. Wah wah wah, I don’t get my game for my crappy been-dead console that will be replaced in the matter of months, rather I am forced to play the superior version! Wahhh! I just want my terrible frame rate Zelda on Wii U too! Not optimized on switch! Wahhh! Almost 2016 but I rather play on my enhanced Wii with tablet play, its powerful trust me, almost at the level of the Xbox 360!!! Wahhh for Wii uuuuu!

  1. I was expecting the reason to be because of the Wii U shutting down. I don’t buy technical difficulties. But it will be nice to have the game on the Switch

  2. Less than 1/4 of a day in, my fellow Wii U backers are already being big babies about it. Did you even want the game, or were you just backing the platform? If so that’s an incredibly childish use of your money.

    1. Seriously? So because we own a specific system, and support/purchase for said platform we’re supposed to look forward to our canceled product? GTFO.

      1. It’s coming to pc. Unless you only use a smartphone to surf the internet, you can still play the game. So cut the bullshit on with the “cancelled product” whine.

        1. I guess paying for what you want doesnt really mean paying for what you want. Regardless of it being a ‘Donation’ or support. Thats what you gave money for, and thats what you should expect.

        2. You realize that it’s possible to have a computer that runs a browser, but NOT a major current-gen video game, right? I tried playing Tomb Raider on my computer once and it was a disaster. That was YEARS ago, and I still use that same computer, which works fine for non-video game stuff.

          Gaming PCs =/= mainstream computers

    2. Stupid, ignorant, arrogant comment.
      Being an asshole to people because they want what they paid for. If you were the voice of reason, I’d rather be insane.

  3. This is a HUGE slap on the face of Wii U owners who cannot afford getting a Switch and don’t own multiple consoles at home to go for other versions of the game.

    I feel really bad for them.

    1. ||The amount of Wii U owners that want this and cannot afford the Switch are a very small minority…||

      1. Real gamers wish all people have access to every game out there, regardless the tag on the hardware or on the software. So, what I’m trying to say is that someone will end up being sadly alienated by this decision from Playtonic, and this is really a shame.

        1. If this was relevant to the industry, the Wii U wouldn’t be suffering right now and the Switch would still be in development for 2 or 3 years. Minorities are irrelevant to the eyes of a company.

          1. Exactly. But the fact is that we should put ourselves in their place. Imagine their frustration in having something originally planned being cancelled…

        2. ||Well you can never please 100% regardless, the logical thing for the Playtonians to do unlike the canine infidels is to return the money that supported the Wii U version or some other compensation of equal worth…||

          1. “is to return the money that supported the Wii U version or some other compensation of equal worth…”

            That would be fair, let’s see what Playtonic will do with that regard. But I insist that they should have committed themselves to deliver the Wii U version regardless.

        1. ||Whatever relecancy that has to do with this at all…||

          ||1. The pawns always go first…2. I was extremely busy with non earthly matters and Commander training…3. I wanted the Mario Kart 8 bundle so not anything had to do with resources…||

          1. I only bring it up because you said that the ammount of wii u owners that want this game and cant afford a switch are a small minority. You went a couple of years defending the wii u and its games without even owning one.

            I find it strange that some one that was in that predicament (I remember you saying that you couldnt get a wii U because of school) could actually defend this. In any way shape of form, its just fucked up for Wii U owners.

            Personally I was going to get this for my XBO, now im just getting it period.

            1. ||The Empire fell with Lord Iwata and the Wii U, I do not erase my stance from all those years, however, The First Order is rising with Lord Kimishima leading us all…||

              ||So to summarize, the focus is 100% Switch now, the Wii U is irrelevant by 90% now and considering it isn’t even High Command behind this weapon, I don’t see how it goes against my defensive stance in the past…||

              ||All I ever defend is Nintendo, everything else is secondary or lower…||

                1. ||The only one that has ever called me Kallum for some reason was the real Sasori, either it’s him back trolling again or one of his slaves remembered…||

                  ||And I’ve only ever had one “account”…||

                  1. I dont know man, im still not sure about the one account thing. Any ways, ill keep that in mind when I keep seeing that guy, because I have a feeling he’ll be sticking around lol.

        1. Minority is not a bad thing. He never said that being in the minority is “bad”, he only stated that they are a minority. And just cause he was a “minority” for the Wii U doesn’t mean it’s the same case now with the Switch It took me like 2 years to get a GC, I never got to get a Wii, and I got a Wii U on launch date. Ecenomical status of people CAN change you know. So I don’t think he got “destroyed” by his own argument when it’s perfectly valid, even if he was part of that “minority”back then,

        2. ||Maybe you need reading glasses since you obviously didn’t understand any word Xbot…||

        1. ||They probably already have a PC, they just prefer us because we are pure…||

          1. }{ Firstly… Witcher is absolutely gorgeous on my PC, and it has better graphics due to consoles not being up to date tech wise… Furthermore Gamestop is only better than Steam if you are okay with encouraging people who trick others out of their games buy claiming they are only worth a fraction of their actual value… In my more foolish younger days they purchased a gba copy of Donkey Kong Country 2 for 8 cents… and the way they got away with it was because i had a few other things I was selling them, and they didn’t tell me the individual values of each thing I was selling… My own former foolishness aside, they are a disgusting company with poor business practices, and it would be an infinitely long stretch to even begin to fathom the argument that they are better than steam, much less the steam summer sale… }{

    2. The ethical solution would be to to deliver the product you promised, then port the PS4 version to switch.
      I can’t believe the dumbasses who believe getting what you paid for is sooo horrible. It’s almost scary.

      1. Exactly! And going even further: Delivering a product exactly in the terms you promised it has to do with the ethical commitment every business should strive for. When a businesses fail to do that, it reveals how much care they have for those who supports them. Heck, if a Wii U version was initially planned and if it was in the works, why not finish it and comply with the agreement?

        1. Even if they punlished it until, say, July or August? Or, if in April, it was a shitty version of the game? I don’t say it can’t be done, but you can’t never please anyone, I bet that if they had said that the Wii U version was coming with 6 months delay instead, they would still be getting just as much hate, also if they offered the game in April with less than desireable quality. In essence, you can’t please everyone

          1. I know that. But at their position, they cannot promise something they can’t deliver. The Wii U version was in the works, so this mission should be accomplished.

            Also, this move is very strange, since NS userbase today is equal to zero, while there are around 13 mil Wii U standing at living rooms worldwide. Although I understand its relevance, I don’t buy the technical difficult thing. The Wii U should be able to output something decent. Look at Banjo and Kazooie running on the X360: that level of framerate and graphical quality are more than enough to deliver a great experience.

          2. If the best they could do is a shitty version on ANY platform, then don’t make it, and don’t TAKE MONEY for it.

            1. I didn’t mean that they’d make a shitty version, I meant that in the sense that maybe the Wii U version wouldn’t be able to handle it in order to make it a good experience. And no developer is going to sacrifice the rest of the platforms just because of this one platform. On the contrary, most developers will most likely give up on the platform that can’t handle it in order to develop for the ones that can, like most of the 3rd party developers did with the Wii U Ps4 and XO

    3. I just don’t WANT to buy a Switch. WiiU will be my last console for a while, and I’m sad this game won’t be part of it’s library. I’m not dropping another few hundred bucks to sign onto another console generation for this game alone, that’s for sure.

      1. Yeah… What do we have left for the Wii U? Zelda BoTW and… What else?

        This is a bitter, sad end. :(

        And I understand your reluctance in getting another console… I’ll stick to regular PS4 and Xbox One as long as I can, and probably I won’t be getting the Switch until Q4 2019.

  4. Understandable, but really sad to see another kickstarter developer dissapoint WiiU owners. Just like Slightely Mad Studios they semeed to be proceeding as planned and suddenly they changed their minds. When they saw that The Switch was coming the should have just moved on to it so that they could release the game at the same time as on the others.

  5. And now I wait to switch to Switch in January. That’s cool Platonic is providing that option.

    BTW, that option is clearly free as well. It was mentioned separately as “upgrade,” but that was to give it space as a separate big announcement. Quit splitting hairs in an attempt to find something to be mad about.

    1. Except for backers that don’t plan on buying a Switch. And there’s no guarantee nor release date set for Switch. For all we know they’ll run into more ‘technical difficulties’.

  6. Yeeeees!!!!
    After Nintendo doesn’t make the Switch backwards compatible, nay eShop purchases don’t make any sense on that system anyways! These news are so awesome, as I now get a better looking YookaLaylee for my kickstarterpledge and still on a Nintendo-console and even a potable one. Yes, yes, yes.
    Of course sucks for many WiiU-backers and I can imagine a riot is approaching, but for me personally these news are like XMas coming early.

  7. The Wii U running this game is not likely, especially since it’s probably created for PS4/Xbox One in mind, and I’m guessing the console’s death was the nail in the coffin.

    1. Considering playtonic was developing for the Wii U/PC, and the XBOX/PS4 versions were handled by a third party, I assumed it would be built around the Wii U, but either way, I’m glad we’re jumping to the switch 👍🏻

  8. Honestly I’m glad they’ve changed platforms. I love my Wii U but I haven’t played it in ages, even though I have Twilight Princess HD, Star Fox and TMS (all still sealed) to play. If Nintendo aren’t gonna continue to support Wii U, then why should other developers? Genuinely asking.

  9. Personally, i do not support devs that screw over their backers, especially when their excuse is vague but clear bull shit.
    Just be honest you little pussies.

  10. Honestly, this is good news. I will now be able to play the superior version on my PS4 instead. Hope they release a 4k patch for the Pro.

      1. Yeah but the PS4 version will be superior to the Xbox One and the Switch, and since I don’t game on PC I will play the superior version of the consoles anyway.

  11. Man I gotta cheer again! As I backed it, I now know that during the Switches first months, there’s going to be Yooka Laylee and Zelda BotW, Skyrim and God (Shigeru) know what else coming out and everything is portable! If everything works out like this, then this might be the console with the greatest launch window ever. Especially if they would really pull off Mario and Mario Kart 8 SE at launch, but let’s wait for Jan.
    But YookaLaylee and Zelda alone already confirm it to be one helluva good time incommmming!!!!!
    Never got so excited about a canned WiiU game =)

  12. I really wish I had read my email. Finding out through MNN is quite disappointing.

    I’m not sure what to do at this point as idk what next gen system I’m getting, or if I’m even getting one. Other platform/return/Switch, that is the question. I’m even considering a physical copy to resell.

  13. Since the Wii U has outdated technology of 2006, yeah, I can see why they would cancel it. They’re making the Switch.

    But poor Wii U, it’s suffering a long and painful death. So many great games being moved to the Switch.

  14. Yeah sure “”technical difficulties”. The fact that they’re being so vague about this screams SCAM and overall, this is backstabbing the already continually shat-on wii u owners who are dying for SOMETHING good…and continually getting garbage these days. It got good games in the past but it’s time to shine is over and is practically dead. It didn’t even get a metroid game for fucks sake! And this is just making it worse for them!

    I can see why kickstarter projects these days are finding it harder and harder to find trust and ultimately funding because of dogshit like this.

    1. Not a scam, we’ve all known that developing for the Wii U has always been hard for 3rd party developers, those are, more than likely, the technical difficulties they faced

      1. It may not be a scam, but it’s a shitty, shady thing to do. When you take people’s money up front, you should deliver what you promised.
        If switch will be so much easier to develop for, then they can make a switch version in addition to the WiiU version.
        If Kickstarter were best buy, their ass would be sued for delivering a game for a different system.
        Why is this so hard for people to understand?

        1. I get what you say, I really do, but I also put myself in their shoes as a developer. Plus, as I’ve said earlier in other comments, they’re offering you your money back if you so desire, sure, you still don’t get the game, but they’re not keeping the money if you don’t want them to keep it. Many developers, even first party developers, have switched development to newer platforms all the time, as far back as the NES – SNES era. Sure, they were not kickstarter backed, since it didn’t exist back then, but do you really want a shitty version on the Wii U when they’re giving you the chance to get a better version OR your money back?

  15. Not surprised. People are realizing that the Switch is better than the Wii U on all accords. Still, it’s sad for those who didn’t plan on getting a Switch right away

  16. I think this is a sound decision. The Switch needs as many games as possible and parity with other formats, thankfully this now won’t be falling into the Wii U shared game with Switch category.

    Plenty of times I looked at this game and thought ‘surely that can’t run on Wii U’

  17. So many people with so much hate. Guys, I understand it’s hard on people with a Wii U that can’t afford a Switch, I really do, I’m a Wii U backer. And although I am planning on buying a Switch, so it doesn’t affect me that much since I can always upgrade, I’ve got to tell you this “technical difficulties” are no other than the complicated platform that is the Wii U. Guys, plain and simple, Nintendo created a platform that was hard to develop on, many 3rd party developers have said so and they’ve said it was one of the main reasons they didn’t want to develop for the Wii U, and we’re talking companies that are larger than Playtonic, with likely more people and resources. We’ve always known that development for the Wii U sucks. As a developer that’s been learning around on how to make games on Unity and Unreal Engine, guys, making a game look and eel great on all possible platforms is quite difficult already, and if a particular platform (in this case de Wii U) is more difficult than usual, but there’s a newer platform (in this case the Switch) in which it’s much more easier and, in this particular case, they’re both Nintendo products, it’s just common sense to move over to the new platform and technology. They’re not being “vague”, remember, they have close relationships with Nintendo so they can’t just come and say “you know? Wii U sucks for development, Nintendo has made it had on us”. Yeah, I understand it sucks, but if you’re suscribed to the email notifications, they sent a FAQ ( you can change your platform for free or ask for a refund. Does it suck for Wii U user? Yes, it does, but remember that they had to make a decission as a company: Push a huge ammount of resources into developing a game for a pretty much dead platform only for it to look and feel bad (in essence, to SUCK), or, use those same resources to push for a new (easier to develop for) platform while having support directly from Nintendo in order to make it on time? I think they made the right choice but, again, we live in a world, society and time at which “if your opinion is not the same as mine I hate you and you deserve to die”, we live in a society of whinny kids that riot for every single thing.

    1. I was about to enter another internet fight with another long comment when I saw this
      apparently offering refunds to those dissatisfied. That makes ALL the difference as it shows they still care somewhat. Now if they had not offered refunds they would’ve looked like project cars who, as far as I know, didn’t offer refunds to wii u owners who got screwed over.

      After thinking about it, I’d say the real problem are those NDAs that the huge companies use. Because they can’t just directly say stuff like “nintendo wants us to “make the switch” to their latest console in regards to the wii u port” then they have to be vague and come up with reasons like “technical difficulties” as to why their letting fans down. In short, nintendo is PROBABLY (obviously not confirmed) wanting to get another reason for wii u owners to switch and sadly playtonic takes the heat when it’s really nintendo’s fault for wanting to sell more switches.

    2. Umm pretty sure if switch got canceled, and it went to a console you didn’t own or plan to own, you would be on board with keeping Kickstarter accountable.
      If they offer a refund option, then that would fix it. It would still suck, but life sucks sometimes.
      My point, is they should not use WiiU money to develop for a differ consol

      1. I would go over board if, and only if, they didn’t offer a refund option. But Playtonic IS offering a refund option, so like you say, it sucks, but life sucks, and they’re giving you the chance for a refund, so, if you don’t want your money to be used for the switch version, ask for the refund and that’s that.

        I understand not wanting to have the Wii U money used for the Swtich, but really, all you do when you buy games from other companies is fund their next games, and you never know if the next one will come for the console you want or not, or even if they will create a game you want, it’s just not as clearly seen as in a kickstarter.

        And again, playtonic IS giving the option of a refund.

    3. Oh, so it’s “Give up your money because I want my Switch version”?
      Fuck off, I’ll be taking my money back and use it to buy a Switch (I gave them more than enough), then proceed to never buy their stupid game.

      1. I never said “Give up your money because I want my Switch version”, I clearly stated that they’re giving many options, including getting a refund. I’m not telling you or anyone else to “suck it up and leave your money there so I can get MY version”, I was simply saying that there’s a reason they took that decission, and it definitely wasn’t because they wanted to screw you over. I’m not trying to make a decission for you or for anyone else, I’ll keep the money on the kickstart, that’s MY decission, if you want to remove your support and take the refund, go ahead, do it, I’m not holding you back and neither is anyone else.

    1. That would be great news aswell cause that would mean that the new zelda is made for the NX and would a wii u port. Zelda deserves the absolute best including graphics so thats a great victory for the real zelda fans like me.

      1. Why not cancel the Switch version while we’re at it? Just think about how great the Switch 3 version will be in 2032! Now, finally, you’re playing with POWER!

        1. Only difference are the release dates, game comes out on April 2017, Switch comes out on March 2017, not in 16 years, your argument is invalid in this sense, the decission to make YL into a Switch game is a smart one IMO.

          1. You miss the point. At some point, you just have to release a game on the hardware available. Delaying something to take advantage of superior hardware later on is useless because hardware will always get better. Why release anything at all if tech is going to be better in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? Just think of the Zeldas that will be possible in 50 years!

            1. I do think about it, all the time. I develop mobile apps, so I understand the point, but it’s not the same to delay or move up the development of a game/app for a few months than a whole generation. It has happened before, games planned for older consoles getting pushed to new ones. It happens all the time.

                1. After the huge dissapointment with the WII you could have waited with buying the Wii U, It’s the first Nintendo console I didn’t buy in 27 years. So far things are looking good for the Switch cause we might be able to play every game for the first time since the snes and we get games from the real Rare company.

                  They gave control over the new Zelda game to a young group off people and we finally get a zelda that the game deserves to be. Don’t get me wrong I think Skyword sword is one of the best in its history but many things like camera controll and graphics were way outdated.

                  Lets hope they give the same treatment to there other franchises , so we don’t get the exact same 2d games like we had 25 years ago already.

                  Also please let playtonic make the new donkey kong country!

                  1. The Wii wasn’t a disappointment for a lot of people. Most people buy a system for NEW games, not to play old ones that they’ve likely already paid for many times over.

                    The Wii U Zelda has been shaping up fine and could still be the one we deserve, in fact, the Switch Zelda looks like a Wii U port graphically. It performs better, but that’s expected.

                    Let Playtronic make Donkey Kong? Why? Just to cancel it and put it on PS5?

                    1. Your PS5 argument is invalid because Donkey Kong is a Nintendo franchise, not Playtonic’s. And really, as many have said, it’s really more a Nintendo fault for making a platform so hard to develop on (Wii U) than it is Playtonic’s. As I’ve said on other comments, in the end, you can’t please everyone all the time.

                    2. Wii U hardware limitations aren’t exactly a secret. Why promise it at all? It’s more PT’s fault for not doing a sober, honest assessment before asking for money. No one would feel screwed right now if they never promised it in the first place.

                    3. I believe they did, and I think they actually thought it would be possible. And yes, the NX was announced a few months before YL (As I was corrected before on another comment), but at the moment they didn’t have that development platform, in fact, the platform came to most developers until E3 this year. I think they did think it was possible until they ran into the crude reality that is developing for the Wii U. As others and I have said, maybe they would’ve had to make it a shorter game, or have poor quality visually, or maybe even create an entirely new game just so it could fit in the platform. Maybe at first it wasn’t as noticeable as recently, when you’re in the middle of development, there’s a point at which all seems to be going well, until you hit a wall that sometimes can’t be taken down. As much as they would’ve investigated, development changes along the way and life of a project, no matter what project it is, no matter if it’s a game, app or webpage, he project changes, no matter how hard you try to keep it the way it came before, new ideas are implemented, the story changes, etc, etc. So maybe in the beginning it all looked good until there was a point of no return, as they said on their FAQ, they tried all they could but in the end it just wasn’t possible.

                    4. at sjaak zwart, yes, I know playtonic is made up of mostly ex-Rare employees, and yes, I agree they made not only the best DK games but in general some of the best games ever on Nintendo consoles, BK, DK, PD, etc. But it still doesn’t mean they’d be able to publish it on a PS5, that’s all I was saying on that regard.

                    5. Nope, the comments got mixed up at some point, the one that mentioned the PS5 was msvkc2014, I was trying to reply to him, sorry for the mix up.

                  2. The Wii? A dissapointment? What planet were you on during it’s lifespan? Planet Imanidiot? Seriously, idiot, the Wii TROUNCED the PS3 and Xbox 360 during that time. Microsoft deserved it too, after they ruined Banjo & Kazooie. I WANT MY BEAR AND BIRD BACK, NOT SOME REPTILE AND FLYING RAT TRYING TO BE LIKE THEM!

                    Anyways, true, the Wii’s graphics power wasn’t to brag about, but it gave use masterpieces such as Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Smash Bros. Brawl! AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY IT WAS A DISAPPOINTMENT?!? I SPIT IN YOUR FACE SIR! PTOOIE!

      2. i know you didn’t buy a wiiu but that be an awful business move. there where alot of people who bought a wiiu solely for it because nintendo said it was getting one. i think its stupid for people to say thing like this because they are only thinking about themselves.

        “Zelda deserves the absolute best including graphics so thats a great victory for the real zelda fans like me.”
        some fan, im sure the true zelda fans had a wiiu before they said anything about the switch, you know the ones who kept suffering from the delay announcements and also graphics where never that important in zelda…. gameplay was its defining element.

        1. Been playing Zelda since day one played them all and its still my nr1 game and it has always been that way. Graphics don’t matter? Lord of the rings wouldnt be lord of the rings if they made all the orcs and armor and such CGI. in the fantasy genre its a 10/10 cause it also looks amazing and has allot of real set pieces.

          Why make zelda a 9 when it can be a 10+

            1. So what you get the point do you? Another point since you question if I’m a true fan : I’m buying the switch just because of the zelda game, other than that nintendo has lost my trust and needs to regain it. I would buy the switch even if zelda is the only game I would play on it.

              1. You do realize games didn’t always have good graphics right. You play games not movies. Even zelda didn’t have good graphics using a movie to support your claim is nonsense

              2. Would you get a Metroid Prime 4 on Wii U if ot was made? Doubt it! Nintendo hasn’t lost my trust, they never will! I’ve been loyal to them for 21 years, not giving up now!

              3. And besides idiot, they’re doing this exact thing they did with Twilight Princess. They delayed Twilight Princess to dual release on Gamecube and Wii. They’re doing the same with Breath of the Wild: releasing on the new system but still releasing it on tne old one too. Seriously, some Zelda fan you are. Bet you don’t even know the names of the three Zelda games TRUE fans dare never to speak of.

              4. Just shut up and go back to your planet, idiot. Planet Imanidiot is looking for you, Wii hater. You thinking the 3DS is a disappointment? Well, lookee here, we have the 7th Gen of Pokémon on something you probably never even bothered with. You think Super Smash Bros. got where it is by it’s graphics? Or Mario Kart? OR EVEN YOSHI!? NO! The graphics on Wii U were 1080p, idiot, only a couple of Nintendo made games was made utilizing them: Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. Splatoon too, but that one was a fresh, new franchise at the time. And look here, Mario Kart 8 gets a port, WITH THE SAME GRAPHICS, and Splatoon gets a maybe sequel, WITH THE SAME GRAPHICS. So yeah, Graphics don’t make the game all the time, idiot.

                Ocarina of Time was the N64’s greatest hit not because of graphics, but because it revolutionized the Zelda series by going 3D. And it became legend. Breath of the Wild continues it’s Wii U development, idiot, cause Myiamoto himself confirmed that the Switch was getting it’s OWN Zelda down the road of it’s lifespan. IT’S OWN, DETICATED ZELDA GAME DOWN IT’S LIFESPAN, IDIOT! And that, coupled with the all the preorders of the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild, means IT ISN’T GOING TO BE SWITCH EXCLUSIVE, IDIOT!

                Now if you’ll excuse me idiot, I must continue waiting for the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild. Goodbye.

                1. I never said anything about the 3ds and i have played every pokemon game infact i spend over 3000 hours on the game.

                  I never said anything about smash bro’s and here’s my awnser: Graphics don’t mean everything but if they make a nintendo game 0.1% better than a nintendo game deserves that, cause they are masterpieces. thats my personal opinion ;)

                  Yes Ocarina of time revolutionized the series just like breath of the wild will but : Graphics don’t mean everything but if they make a nintendo game 0.1% better than a nintendo game deserves that, cause they are masterpieces. thats my personal opinion ;)

                  I never claimed that the game would be switch exclusive “idiot” so learn to read.

              5. Not talking? Guess you’re afraid of me then. Well, I’ll be getting my Wii U ready to play Breath of the Wild in 2017, CAUSE NOTHING WILL STOP IT’S WII U RELEASE!

        2. Exactly ladyrosalina. Wii U got three Zelda games: A Dynasty Warriors styled spin off and two HD remakes of Gamecube titles. The graphics weren’t touched up on either, they got more smoother, yes, but looked exactly the same. This guy is just stupid, ignore him lady rosalina.

      3. Real Zelda fan? Phbbbt, yeah right! You care only on graphics. Look at the Wind Waker. Fans were upset on the cartoonish graphics but it became one of the best Zelda games of all time. It got an HD remake, yes, but at the time, it was popular. Then came Twilight Princess. It used advanced versions of Wind Waker’s engine and it was good! And don’t even get me started on Ocarina of Time!

      1. I honestly can’t tell if my phone messed up or you weren’t aware that your not on anonymous… Because I’m seeing alot “Samuel coley replies”… Almost like your pretending to be different people…

        This could be a phone glitch. I’m just confused about these replies…

      2. Hey looking back at this page for some reason my phone had you name on all his comments… I had no idea what was going on and now that I read them I apologize because I thought you where him.

        Again so sorry and I support what your saying 100%

  18. Disappointing to those who wanted on the Wii U but I knew this was gonna be the case because of the delay. I really didn’t see Playtonic taking a chance to release it on the Wii U due to the system’s extremely low sales and the massive buzz surrounding the Switch. At least now we will have a visually better version that should be on par or very close to being there with the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Good decision if you ask me

  19. Wow people are pissed. I was hoping for a Switch version anyway so I’m fine. I’m so ready to pack up my Wii U and move on.

    1. It’s cool Switch is getting the game. I’ve backed two Kickstarter games and got fucked twice. So I’m definitely not cool with Kickstarter devs taking people’s money and not delivering. I have no qualms with people being happy for a switch version, especially when they don’t know WiiU was a paid up front stretch goal.
      People saying they should suck it up and spend hundreds to play a game that many already paid for pics me off. :)

      1. Not really telling anyone to suck it up. I think this was just bound to happen. The Wii U is done and was a colossal failure. This just further confirms that it seems like the Switch is essentially Nintendo doing a hard reboot.

  20. I was really looking forward for the Wii U version and I was hoping they would say the Wii U version would be delayed or at least have one of Nintendo’s 1st party devs help them to push the Wii U version along with the Switch version. I guess I’m not that upset but if they think it’s for the best then be my guest.

    1. Playtonic is offering a refund for anyone that wants it. I’m a Wii U backer and I don’t want a refund, I haven’t decided if I’ll go for the Switch or the PC version, but I don’ want a refund, I’ll just get it for another platform. But if you want a refund, ask for it, they’re offering that option too.

  21. They intended to use the money they raised to build the Wii U version, but they probably had to downgrade it so much to the point that they would have needed to change the entire game to something different for it to work. People wouldn’t have been happy about that either. And honestly, they (along with multiple other developers) would not have run into this kind of problem if Nintendo didn’t think it was such a good idea to give the Wii U such ancient hardware to begin with. So they’re to blame for this too. You can’t deny that.

    1. True, Nintendo isn’t without blame, but Wii U hardware limitations aren’t exactly a secret. Why promise it at all? PT should have done an honest assessment of the hardware.

  22. Technical difficulties means the Wii U is dead and buried. Hopefully they will be giving us backers a chance to switch (heh) to physical, given the Switch’s limited storage capacity. Digital looked a lot better with a 1TB external plugged into the Wii U.

      1. I remember first getting the Wii U thinking of what the next Zelda would be like on it. Almost 5 years later, lmao. Wii U is pretty much done for now and that Zelda I was hoping for (now known as Breath of the Wild) is coming to the new console. Wii U got fed the scraps from previous generations in a new package (WW and TP HD) and now it’s getting fed the scraps of the superior Switch version. 😂

  23. I doesn’t matter how any of you apologists try to spin it, this is a betrayal. This should have been known months ago and communicated at once, not 4 short months away from release.

  24. I’m thrilled that it’s now coming to the Switch, however, I feel bad for the people who were looking forward to getting it on the Wii U, or those who don’t plan to get a Switch right away.

  25. It’s a horrible way to do business… and just think , without all of the money invested by people who wanted it on a WiiU , the game probably wouldn’t have been as good, because the funds wouldn’t have been there for the complete end product . I think the company will loose a lot of people’s trust, for a long time. Personally I’ll never do a Kickstarter donation or investment …. too many dishonest companies right now … it’s a big …BAIT AND SWITCH !!

  26. Not surprised honestly. I expected them to outright cancel Wii U production months ago like everyone else did. But in the mean time…’s on everything else so whatever lol

  27. Kind of a shame too hear that guess i may get the switch later on next year i’ll get a few games first then the console later

  28. Another reason not to trust developers who use kickstarter as a method of funding their ventures. They’ve proven they’ll say anything to get your money, including promise games for systems that they never care if they follow through on. Had the developers sought capital through traditional channels, it’d be grounds for a lawsuit.

  29. That sucks… for Wii U only owners. Good thing I have a PS4 if I decide not to get the Switch. If it really is because of technical difficulties, they should have gone into detail. Not that it would have really mattered since people would still get pissed. Least you can get a refund if you don’t want to change your platform of choice.

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