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Pokémon GO For Apple Watch Is Still Coming

Despite reports circulating the internet today, the Apple Watch version of the smash hit augmented reality title Pokémon GO is still in the works. The news was confirmed this evening by the official Pokémon GO Twitter account who tweeted that it is coming soon to the smart watch.

Thanks to Lazara for the tip.


    1. Definitely a much smoother experience than it was at launch. I play from time to time, but not much. Almost at 100 Pokémon!

    1. How is either of the two dead? For one Pokemon is never dead, and Smart watches are a fast growing market, and Apple Watches are amoung the most popular. They just came out with the Apple Watch series 2, (which I have) and can tell you it’s my favorite watch I have ever owned. My next favorite would be my Citizen eco drive, but it was so damn expensive I hardly wear it out

  1. According to all known laws of aviation, a bee should not be able to fly. It’s wings are too small to get it’s fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flys anyway.

  2. Good to know I’ll have another way to play Pokemon Go……… I guess? The only way to use an Apple Watch series 2 is if you have an Iphone with IOS 10 downloaded. So it would be safe to say that whoever owns an Apple Watch also owns an Iphone. So then why on earth would you play Pokemon Go on a watch when you could play on your Iphone? Maybe you would be too lazy to reach in your pocket when you could just turn your

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