A Zelda 30th Anniversary Hyrule Encyclopedia Has Been Announced

The Zelda 30th anniversary book series is far from being done. The next entry in the series has been announced, a Hyrule encyclopedia. The first chapter is a visual encyclopedia. It will explain things such as the Master Sword and Hyrule Kingdom with various images. The second chapter is a database with a list of enemies, items, dungeons, and more. The third chapter will contain archives, as well as some explanatory notes and storylines of each game. The encyclopedia will release in Japan in February. Western regions should get the book sometime later in the year.



  1. The last trailer made me want to have it already. The hype has since cooled down for me. Definitely day one, but I dont think about it much.

  2. Since there are things to be explained, they may be planing to make more than just two entries. It seems that Hyrule Hystoria is the first entry and the encyclopedia is the second entry.

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