NES Classic Edition Will Soon Be In Stock At Best Buy

The NES Classic Edition will soon go back in stock at Best Buy. A limited quantity of the highly sought after console will be available at the retailer beginning Tuesday, December 20. It will be sold on a “first-come, first served” basis – so you’re going to have to act fast if you want to get a hold of one, especially during the holiday season. This upcoming restock of the NES Classic was recently teased by Best Buy.

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  1. They should a lot to prevent shortage. I don’t understand why they keep doing this. Is Nintendo doing this so that they don’t lose money because of the low sales of Wii U?

  2. On a Tuesday of course. The only people that will be getting these either don’t have to work or are taking time off of work. The Gamestop near me just got more in on Friday and they were sold out in seconds. Why couldn’t they just wait until the next day to put them out so other people would have a chance to get one?

    1. Ummmm your sounding like a whiney little bitch right now.
      Seriously, sack the fuck up and put some effort into getting one like the rest of us who aleady have one.
      End of discussion.

      1. Wow, such sage advice. I sincerely appreciate the great effort you must have put into trying to solve my dilemma. I can tell by your language and user name that you must be very intelligent. I’m sorry that you found my suggestion so extraordinarily unreasonable that you saw a need to rebuke me. You must be of the mind that Nintendo didn’t completely botch the release of this item, and that it should be left up to the consumers to do whatever they must to find one. Unfortunately I consider my career to be of far more importance than getting my hands on the latest toy, hence my suggestion.

        Now, since I find it quite intolerable to carry on any form of conversation with people such as yourself, and I am of the firm belief that any argument with a fool is done in vain, this will be the first and last message I address to you.

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  4. Nintendo knew this thing was gonna be popular, there’s no doubt about it.

    I can perhaps overlook them understocking the first two waves of amiibo two years ago since their popularity just exploded, but NES Classic? No, there’s no excuse.

    They had BETTER NOT pull this with the Switch, or people will be taking pitchforks and torches to HQ.

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