Here’s The Full Seasons Of Heaven Trailer For Nintendo Switch

Seasons of Heaven is a promising new title in development for the Nintendo Switch. We’ve had a couple of teaser videos but finally we’ve got the full thing which admittedly looks gorgeous. It should be noted that the footage is from the PC as the developers still don’t have dev kits for the Nintendo Switch, which is certainly interesting at this point in time.



  1. Bit of a misleading article title. Was expecting Switch footage. I really hope the Switch looks close to this tho. But I’m a little worried it’ll at least have a significantly lower framerate.

      1. Are you blind? This video is very jerky. The games you no doubt love so much are usually 20-30fps and it looks terrible. If you saw a gaming PC your peasant brain would implode.

        1. 30 fps doesn’t look terrible. Video certainly looks better at 60 fps, but that doesn’t make anything less terrible. The standard frame rate in the movie industry is only 24 fps, and television is broadcast at just 30 fps. To say that 30 fps looks terrible is to say that there are almost no good looking movies out there.

      2. Well you’re lucky that it doesn’t bother you. And frankly I don care that much as long as the game runs well and is playable. For me, and I think many others, I notice the framerate change because since I’ve become more of a PC gamer, I’ve become more aware of framerate changes, as it is a direct relation to how well my PC is performing. When you build your own machine you want to know how well it performs and what it can do, as well as tweaking different graphic settings in games to see what may cause the drops. And once you can easily tell the difference in framerate, there’s no denying that 60fps is simply better than something lower, and is much more visually appealing. So if we apply this idea to games we see running on the Switch or the Wii U, it makes us question the performance of the console and if it is worth the purchase. Or possibly if the game is well optimised and is worth a purchase. So that’s why people are talking about it so much. We all want the best possible machine. We don’t want to just settle for less when we know there’s better performance out there

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  3. looks like some concept video. There’s barely real gameplay and most of the ingame content doesn’t really look like a polished game and more like those U4-demos you see on the web. Thanks to UE4 it looks nice because of course it does. And considering there’s only a small team behind that (as even single persons managed to create really nice looking things with better animations in UE4) I guess they might’ve put quite some work into that. But for instance in the night passages, there’s a reason why games usually don’t make everything so dark that it looks like in the ‘real darkness’. Because you just don’t see shit and can’t react. And its things like these that show that this either is in a very early stage or it’s just way far from offering refined gameplay.

    And of course this won’t look like that on the Switch, I would surprised if even the PS4 would handle everything thrown into that. But just pulling some handles to ‘Max’ doesn’t necessarily make a good looking game.
    On the Switch it might have way less drawing distance, not as sharp textures, some things like subsurface scattering either turned off or at least not appearing on every leaf … because it’s waste of ressources, especially on a console game and there might be other ways to get to similar experiences. Zelda BotW shows how to create a wonderful looking game taht makes you wanna pick up the pad immediately without really throwing as much visual bullshit at you and the less experienced you are, the more you gotta rely on exactly that bullshit.

    Now, if they still are experienced, they might be able to really make use of that bullshit in a way that really elevates that whole game into another level of gamedesign. I just don’t see that happening from what we see so far. That being said, I don’t wanna offend the devs behind that, it’s just not much to work with so far.

  4. Looks like a happier, 3D adventure version of Limbo. Exploring your way through a new, mysterious world, that is essentially a form of purgatory or the steps to heaven, only for the end to be how you really died, and that you’re finally at rest. I mean between the heartbeat monitor at the beginning and the use of heaven I’d assume that to be the story.

    Could be ok I guess.

  5. That animation is super choppy… sudden movements and not at all stitched cleanly… ill give it the benefit of the doubt since this is possibly an early build of the game

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