Here’s Amazon’s Games Of 2016

Huge online retailer Amazon has listed the games that they feel are the best of the year. Some of the games have been played extensively and others the team feel have had a huge impact on the video game scene in general. You will notice that the brilliant Pokémon Sun and Moon has made the list at number seven and no doubt countless time was spent playing that one. Here’s Amazon’s best games of 2016. What do you think to the choices?

10. Forza Horizon 3
9. The Witness
8. Battlefield 1
7. Pokémon Sun & Moon
6. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
5. Dark Souls III
4. Doom
3. Final Fantasy XV
2. Titanfall 2
1. Overwatch



      1. I was more insinuating that Sombra hacked the site to make the game she’s in number one :P

        If she’ll hack politicians, corporations, and governments, what’s a shopping website to her?

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