Fans Camp Out Overnight For A Chance To Get Restocked NES Mini

The NES Mini has certainly proved to be hard to find. Many fans are still struggling to get their hands on the elusive retro console. However, some are definitely more committed than others. A handful of the dedicated few camped out at a Best Buy all night when a restock was announced. Run on a ticket system, each console would be given out on a first come, first serve basis. However, some scalpers had to ruin the fun, trying to sell their tickets for upwards of $100. Have you managed to nab a NES Mini yet? Tell us below.



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          1. Let me search about that Kallum guy, after all we are good finding information (hollowgrapej).

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              1. I heard about Kallum when Estoc was working on the ED article, i asked my friends to find this Kallum.

                As i told you, the clone might be pokemonnerd.

  1. Have not gotten one yet, we were hoping to get one for my mother in laws birthday in November, but we had no such luck. She is a pretty hard core gamer and collector of all the gaming systems.

  2. I got mine last morning from my local Best Buy after a 9 hour wait with my friend. I was the first one in line and my friend second. The store only had 24 in-stock and one of the Best Buy employees said because he had a good soul he had to say something for the people at the back so they wouldn’t be waiting for 8 hours for nothing.

  3. Tomorrow news:
    A person camping near Best Buy for the NES mimi die because a snowstorm. Despite people warning him to leave just like the others he don’t listend and ended in a tragic way. This news is not the only incident as another news says that a woman got treatened over a Nintendo.

      1. Of course not in Tampa. The sourse say they are restoking in 1,000 of their stores so some of these stores are in areas that are cold.

  4. The store I went to had about 50 of the console, I arrived two hours before opening and managed to get one but yeah, there had been people who had arrived the night before before the store closed and camped it out in the 4-5 inches of snow and freezing rain. Pretty crazy lol

  5. I sent my gf to the store this morning, all 50 had sold out to overnight campers.

    She already bought one for me on eBay, I just wanted her to recoup her ~$120 paid.

    1. You “sent” your girlfriend to the store?? Are you a 16th century duke brah? You have to outsource the job to your filthy peasent gf breh? Let me guess, you were sitting on your throne, and you tossed her a satchel filled with an indeterminate amount of gold coins, and said “wench/brah, go fetch me a nes mini, you already bought me one, but I want you to recoop the cost of buying it on ebay bro bro!” And then she said “thank you sire! Thank you!” And went on her way. Da fuck…. You should really stop thinking its your right to “send” your girlfriend to fetch shit for you. Its really pathetic that your lazy ass cant do it yourself brah.

  6. I think it’s very un cool what you are doing for us as Nintendo fans , with the launch of NES, I was waiting to get one all night in the cold I miss a day of work hoping to get one and I was pretty sure I was because I was number 33 (they got 60, they said) in the line and finally after a very cold night tired and sick the only thing I got was a sorry we’re out of tickets which happened because many people cut into the line right before they opened the store and the Best Buy personnel didn’t do anything about it, they didn’t want to deal with all of us and shut the door in our face, it made me very disappointed and cross as a Nintendo fan and Best Buy consumer. You might reconsider with whom you trust as bussness partner.

  7. All these people with the it’s freezing comments why?? It’s a mere 91 degrees here in Florida! Camping outside is too hot here even at night so the cold comments are out of line! It is the warmest winter we have had in years so it would be an uncomfortable but survivable wait! I already got my NES Mini at launch by waiting in a two hour line so I was set to not have to wait in an 91 degree overnight wait for bestbuy!

    1. – Live in NYC, and it’s cold here. Upstate is worst and people camp out for the system. The really sad thing about this, as much as I dislike how Nintendo is playing the undership and draw hype method, die-hard Nintendo fans are being treated like shit to get one of these systems because of these foolish practices done by Nintendo. They did it the year before with Amiibo since they Wii U lineup was horrible. This year, they have nothing to stay afloat so they using the NES.

  8. Once again, you get all the games on this glorified emulator and much, much more online for free. And don’t spew that illegal horseshit to me, only spineless cucks think they’re getting something out of buying this.

  9. I’m going to ramble on about this, but as a loyal Nintendo customer and fan since 2007, I’ve got to say, that Nintendo has had all this money to keep making consoles, but seriously, it wouldn’t be such a hassle and a huge issue if Nintendo made more of them. Sure they know what they were going through.

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