It Would Appear Nintendo Shipped Fewer NES Minis To US Than Japan

It is common knowledge that the NES Mini has been extremely hard to get hold of in the United States. Recent data from the NPD Group show that the system sold an estimated 196k in the United States in November due to shortages. What’s interesting is that the first week sales in Japan for the Famicom Mini were 262.961 which clearly shows that Japan were granted more units than the United States. This is even more strange when you see that home consoles are dying in Japan while they continue to flourish in the United States.



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  1. I can’t believe how soon Christmas is, and Nintendo STILL hasn’t shipped more to stores. Only 5 or 10 here and there doesn’t count. There’s going to be a lot of disappointed kids on Christmas. That is, if kids are cool enough to like retro gaming. I myself was forced to forget about it. In a few months, they’ll probably have an ample supply in every store. But that sure doesn’t save this Christmas from being ruined for many.

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  2. Considering the company is Japan based, was this a shock to anyone? Neither total sounds that phenomenal considering the popularity. At this point we all know they’re doing these “shortages” on purpose. “We didn’t anticipate the popularity”. Bullshit. At this point it’s pretty easy to anticipate how Nintendo stuff will sell.

    1. And why exactly would they do that purpose with the NES mini? They literally gain nothing out of that.

      And could we all just stop talking about this as if other consoles are usually easy to get after launch? Because they are not.

      In this specific case I am especially not surprised. Was it really so easy to guess that so many people would lose their minds because of a toy that can run some retro games, even though there are numerous other ways of playing them already?

      And while we are at it: Why are so many people so angry just because they can’t buy that thing immediatly? I understand being a bit disappointed, but this lack of patience is insane.

  3. You need to update the title. Famicom mini was shipped to Japan. The rest of the world got the NES mini. They are two different products. You need to know the split of all NES mini for the other countries to know if they under ship NES minis to the US. You can’t compare that with the Famicom mini.

  4. anybody have any luck getting the nes mini? i thought they were going to get a steady supply right up to christmas.

    1. I figured this would happened so i went to wal mart at 6 a.m. launch day and snagged one. I didn’t think supply would be this bad though. Nintendo screwed the pooch again.

  5. All the GameStop by my house only got 3 Nintendo mini each Nintendo is a fucking joke reggie just die already or just kill yourself miyamoto suck a big PlayStation dick the switch is a new updated Wii U ima pass o and super MARIO run straight garbage PS4 the best console out period sold my Wii U to get it that’s the only switch that matter

  6. This just further shows that Reggie is a detriment to NoA. If Japan & Europe sold more because of better stock, they clearly have way better leaders in charge of NoE & NoJ. So glad I didn’t want to get this thing, though.

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