Friend Codes Are Back In Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run asks players to share their 12-digit friend codes in order to interact with players. Other options, such as linking Twitter and Facebook, are offered – but adding players to your friend list via player ID numbers is the default choice. However, you can rest assured that Nintendo plans to eventually add the ability to search and add friends from Miiverse, as well as transfer friends from Miitomo. Super Mario Run is available now as a timed iOS exclusive. Be sure to check out our review to see what we thought of the new mobile game.



  1. Was Nintendo sued before regarding online interactions? It’s like trying to visit someone in prison, but you have difficulties getting there in the first place. I mean, there’s limited interaction, and you need a special o-k. Annoying.

      1. Nah i love Iphones! Why would you think i would be an android person? I mean I don’t hate android, the google pixel actually looks pretty cool. But i prefer apple phones.

  2. ||I thought many of you were true warriors instead you take these civilian tools as if they were as important and relevant as real weaponry…||

    ||Many of you are civilians after all…||

          1. ||To expand my point, I’m pointing out their frustration, anger or whatever emotions they have over these civilian tools, in your language they would be casual games…||

            ||I see no reason to take these tools seriously if you are not a civilian…||

          1. I don’t like how they mucked it up with the Mario Maker, and yeah… we have Miis, that should be sufficient.

            Whatever though… I just play the games

  3. Watch out kids! Friend codes are dangerous! You could accidentally add Satan to your friends list and he’ll get you!

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