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NPD: Here’s The Best-Selling Games In The US During November 2016

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NPD data for November 2016 has been released, where we find out which software and hardware had been the best-selling in the United States. This month, the Playstation 4 was the top-selling hardware, snapping the 4-month streak set by the Xbox One. However, Pokemon has helped Nintendo get into the top 10 software list once more. And Pokemon Go may have been a contributor to this. When the app was released, according to VentureBeat, it re-energized that fan base and many dormant Poképlayers bought 3DS handhelds specifically to purchase Sun and Moon. Nintendo had confirmed that Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon fastest-selling game ever in the franchise’s near 20-year history. In fact, it sold 8% more units than Pokémon Black/White, which previously held that title. And all this happened with Pokemon Sun/Moon having 19 fewer days in market during the month. Not only did this surge help Pokemon, but the 3DS too. The 3DS experienced its highest monthly physical software spending in platform’s history, 1% higher than the handheld’s previous high in December 2014. Unit sales of 3DS hardware grew 59% versus November a year ago, the sixth straight month of year-on-year growth. As for the NES Classic Edition, it sold 196,000 units in its debut month.

As for the actual top 10 software list, we’ve included it down below.

  1. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Activision)
  2. Battlefield 1 (Electronic Arts)
  3. Pokémon Sun* (Nintendo)
  4. Pokémon Moon* (Nintendo)
  5. Titanfall 2 (Electronic Arts)
  6. NBA 2K17 (Electronic Arts)
  7. Madden NFL 17 (Electronic Arts)
  8. Watch Dogs 2 (Ubisoft)
  9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim* (Bethesda)
  10. FIFA 17 (Electronic Arts)

* Does not include digital sales.


5 thoughts on “NPD: Here’s The Best-Selling Games In The US During November 2016”

  1. I’m certain Pokemon would’ve beaten or at least been very close to beating out the top two spaces if it included digital sales, as a decent amount of 3DS owners get most 3DS games digitally. Even then, this is separating Sun and Moon instead of counting them as one place.

  2. You do realize that sun and moon’s data are seperate right? Because if sun and moon are combined they outsell bf1 and infinite warfare

    1. So? Those games you mentioned combine the sales of every single platform into one category. How is that fair to games that are exclusive to one platform alone?

    2. With that said, this just shows how much ass Pokemon Sun AND Moon kicked since, in spite of that, they still managed to take the #3 & #4 spots.

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