Super Mario Run Now Available To Download On iOS Platforms

The long-awaited Super Mario Run for Apple’s iOS platforms is now available for download from the App Store. No doubt many of you will rush to download it and I would highly recommend that you do so. Super Mario Run is free-to-start but after the first few levels you’ll need to cough up £7.99. You can read our review which will be live shortly.


  1. I’ll admit I’m impressed with the game now. My concern before was it being a completely lackluster “New Super Mario Bros. iOS”, but it feels a lot better and fluid than I thought it would. My other concern was lack of content in comparison to the high price, but… I’m actually impressed with how much there was to do with just the first level (basically each stage has three different layouts for easy red coins, tougher purple coins, and a bit tougher black coins; collecting them all in one stage got me two Toad Rally tickets, but I’m sure something better happens when you collect them all in every stage).

    I’m enjoying it so far.

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