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Newly Uncovered Nintendo Switch Patents Point Towards VR Headset Accessory

NeoGAF member Rösti has uncovered a number of interesting patents related to the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform. One of the patents showcased points towards a VR headset accessory which will be similar to Google and Samsung’s smartphone VR set-ups. You simply place the Switch tablet into a headset which features lenses to create the 3D effect. You can read and view all the patents, right here. They’re well worth viewing.



Thanks to guillesuke and smol nozomi for the tips!


  1. Interesting. Wouldn’t be surprised if they actually use this, though I wonder how nice the Switch’s screen is if they’re gonna use it for VR.

  2. I knew it! I used to think they could do this with the Wii U gamepad if it wasn’t so big and something similar with the Wii. Why not do it on the Switch?

    1. I don’t think it should look real fuzzy. The screen might only be 720p, but that’s still an hd resolution and the pixel density on a screen that small would be much higher than a 1080p 60″ screen.

      1. And also hold up have you ever tried VR? Not trying to be rue or anything, but even on the oculus rift you can see the screen door effect, there is no way that a 720p display can look good in gamin VR.

      2. Hmm I didn’t think about that. I’ve used PS and Gear VR. I don’t quite recall on the PS VR, but I did notice a screen door effect on the Gear. It was such a slight effect though that it didn’t interrupt the experience, and I quickly forgot about it. I didn’t even really notice it until I payed some attention to the resolution.

        If I remember correctly the DK1 Oculus dev kit was only 720p, but I’ve never seen any reviews on it so I don’t know how big a problem it was.

      3. If they were to review it today they would probably say it’s awful (relative to what we have today) they used smartphone displays on those, so it would probably compare to cardboard. And the PSVR has a much higher resolution than the switch can.

  3. P3. There are a lot of sketches to go through there.

    I’m not a fan of the Samsung / Google approach to VR, but if Nintendo can make it work that would be great. I would have to assume that the Switch has a gyroscope in it if VR is to be possible. That would theoretically make head tracking on the Switch more accurate than on the PS4, and it should be considerably cheaper than the $400 PS VR. Of course none of this is even guaranteed yet.

    1. it has more than one gyroscope and why wouoldnt it have nintendo is gens ahead on that shit

      gamepads 9axis high resolutio gyro is leagues ahead of the steam gyro and a 100 yrs ahead of dualshock 4s usless laggy unplayable shit

      1. Not only that but the Switch was held up by one hand on the far left side of the back of the….. tablet?

  4. Guys. This makes so much sense. You can hold one joy con in each hand like they show in the trailer! If they have gyroscopes in them, then they could be similar to the PSVR move controllers. I’m honestly surprised that nobody (myself included) saw it coming.

  5. I bet a bunch of loyalists will now praise VR if this turns out to be true. It’s funny how back then they would say VR was a fad

  6. I don’t think it’s a very good idea honestly. Both the gear VR and daydream view are plagued with overheating issues on the phones so if Nintendo could provide a device that didn’t incorporate the handheld directly it might work but if you have to place the handheld into the device it will be the same problem because vr takes a lot of power to run so they would need lots of cooling power. Also, if it is confirmed to have only a 720p screen then the image quality will be horrible on it seeing as how the psvr does 1080p and there is still blurriness in that. Of course there’s a lot of factors that come into play but a 720p screen would definitely put its capabilities very low

    1. I’m going to take Nintendo’s word for it that they’re not implementing VR with the Switch. A patent design doesn’t mean the concept comes to fruition.

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