Pokémon Prism Shuts Down Days Before Launch

Sadly, the unofficial fan project Pokémon Prism has been shut down just days before it was due to launch to the public. The news was shared by the ROM hack creator who was ready to launch Pokemon Prism in four days time. A document received cites both Pokémon Prism and Pokémon Brown as a violation of Nintendo’s intellectual property rights.

“Pokemon Prism has been cancelled. Thank you all for your support throughout the years. I’m sorry it ended like this. I will make a longer statement regarding this soon, but expect this page to be shutdown in a few days.”

The following is a document from Nintendo:

“Nintendo understands that you are a fan of its original products and its Pokémon franchise,” the letter reads. “Whilst this is appreciated, it unfortunately does not alter Nintendo’s important role to ensure that all of its valuable intellectual property is fully protected and that there is no use made of any of its intellectual property rights without proper supervision and authorisation.”


Thanks to PKtheHedgehog and KrisKomet


  1. Basically ‘Why would anyone buy our games at £40 a pop when they could download your game for free?’

  2. What will happen

    >People will cuss Nintendo for a week, talking about how evil they are
    >people will get over it and forget about it
    >rinse and repeat until another popular fangame is shot down

  3. I never understood this. You can find a huge a selection of fan-made roms, including Pokemon hacks, online. ( is an example.) I never hear about them getting hit with dmca notices. It seems that it’s only the people who advertise their games that get takedown notices. Is there really anything stopping this guy from just changing the title of the game and uploading it anonymously?

    1. Thing is, they probably COULD just change the title and release it without worry. It’s very likely that Nintendo’s lawyers mistakenly took this as a fangame instead of a hack (in fact, I thought it was too.) before sending things out, but the dude would do better to strike the Pokemon name from all of the Facebook/Website stuff.

      In general, we have seen two very constant themes when games get struck down: Advertising the game and it getting picked up by news sites or streaming services (The game was livestreamed at one point), and using the intellectual property name blatantly in addition to that.

      It sucks, but I think we’re at a point now where people should start recognizing the patterns and trying something different.

  4. It’s not about it being a Rom hack or fan made game, reason why these idiots keep getting shut down is because they are continuing to use the Pokemon brand name which is heavily copyrighted. Think about how theirs different off brand soda that taste just like coke but they obviously aren’t named Coca Cola because that’s a copyrighted brand and would get them sued

    1. But that’s what I’m saying. There are a ton of fan-made games out there using the Pokemon name and they don’t seem to ever get any takedown notices. If Nintendo really wanted to they could issue a take down notice to to remove every single Pokemon game from the site. It seems like it’s just the games that get media attention that are targeted.

    2. About 2% of Pokemon hacks/fan games are shut down. You don’t know what you’re talking about you little faggot. kys

  5. Great job taking care of your licensed properties! I sincerely hope that you can find more of there and take them down, just like with Pokémon Uranium. Hopefully people will understand that if they use them for other purposes, that it would be likely that you would protect your properties. Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Like what, some gimmicky indie IP no one cares about, while we get zero alternatives to recent less-than-stellar Pokemon games (and that’s me being really nice).

      Hell, I bet Level 5 created something as odd as Yo-kai Watch, because Nintendo wouldn’t let them create a proper Pokemon game.

  6. I can understand Nintendo’s standpoint on protecting their ip’s but I also understand the standpoint on fan-made games. The best way to show your fan-made game is to get permission from the company otherwise people will bring pitchforks and torches at a company that is technically doing the right thing yet somehow people get mad, it’s like a cop arresting a guy in possession of illegal contraband and the cop is being coolheaded about it and everyone says the cop has no right to make an arrest even though the guy has something that is illegal.

  7. Holy shit, you cucks are actually happy about this? Rom hacks are as old as the Internet itself. One of my favorite Mario games is a literal rom hack. I think Nintencuck has a fresh out of school shill who fail to realize that rom hacks and fangames fall under fair use.

    And the underage shitters and fanboys don’t seem to realize that either.

    1. Fall under “fair use” my ass. Nintendo is a Japanese company. They are not affected by an AMERICAN law. If the games uses original names and characters aka “Fakemons” and don’t call them Pokémon they’d be fine. Most likely. Don’t be dumb kids.

  8. Fans hate sun and moon thast why make new version pokemon suks I have better design pokemon sun and moon don’t

    1. Really? Fans hate Sun and Moon…? I love those games… most people I”ve seen love the games… I dont know where you get your information but it’s obvious that all opinions you’ve gathered are from people who don’t like fun.

  9. A ROMhacking project I was working on last year never got a notice and I streamed it on twitch. My stream was very small and the project was never picked up on news sites so I agree with what the others are saying, keep fan projects out of the mainstream, and let the enthusiasts come to you. Nintendo is probably well aware of things like but when it becomes mainstream it crosses the line from an enthusiast project to something everyone knows about and is more accessible than the official product.

  10. That’s what you get when you make a trailer on Youtube using AN IP THAT DOESN’T BELONG TO YOU

    why do people waste their fuckin’ time. As countless others have said – make new creature sprites or something jesus, and just call it ‘Perkamin’…

    That said. The creator should have known the risks.

    1. Go play Pokemon Sun/Moon or Pokemon Go if you feel that way, instead of forcing your opinion down on us.

      Most of us know what copyright infringement is. But here’s the zinger…..

      We don’t CARE what Nintendo’s legal rights are. They shut down fan games, yet they still put out disappointing game and expect people to buy them and not pirate or hack them.

      In a nutshell, they’re forcing you to play their games and forcing you to play them THEIR way. There’s little freedom for the average Nintendo fan.

      1. I did play them, and they were great with their own setbacks. If you have a problem with the new games, why don’t you fuck off and play the games that are already out? Ya want to play a shitty looking Pokemon Gold hack – why not play Pokemon Gold? Nintendo don’t owe you anything bud and they have the right to protect their IP. Stop being an entitled brat. Play something else man. Don’t defend thievery man.

        1. Agreed. Don’t like the new Pokémon games? Don’t play them. Go play another game for once. There’s thousands out there. You will care about the law but you’re probably under 18 so perhaps you don’t get how this shit works. Not my problem kiddo. ( AMan FromDeclan )

  11. Merry Christmas?

    This is Project M all over again.

    Screw Nintendo. For everyone reading, I encourage you all the create many fan games, hell even original homebrew titles. We need fans to step up to the following (but not limited to):

    -Paper Mario 3
    -Super Smash Bros. Infinity
    -Pokemon Stadium 3
    -Sonic Adventure 3
    -Pokemon Snap 2
    -Another Kid Icarus 2 Remake
    -Klonoa 3: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol

    Don’t let these companies take away our future of good games, while they give us sub-par crap! We already have AM2R, Pokemon Uranium, Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, CTGP Revolution, Sonic: Before the Sequel, Sonic: After the Sequel, Psycho Waluigi, Pokemon Type:Wild, Super Mario Star Road, and Super Mario 64: The Last Impact. Plus Mother 4 and Link’s Awakening 64 in the works.

    1. I’d rather shut down projects than be taken to court by a multi-million dollar corporation. You might not know this, but ALL companies do this. If you tried to make a SA3 Sonic Team and SEGA would go after you in a HEARTBEAT. They have every right to take down fan projects if they use their intellectual property. It’s within all their rights as a company. Stop being super entitled and shit. Mother 4 will probably be effected too. Lots of things will be effected. We as people can’t stop this from happening as it’s just how a company works. If you can’t deal with that then you’re living in a fantasy world.

  12. The guy got what he deserved. If this were any worse the rom hacker would be taken to court and sent to jail. Wasted 8 years of his life without even knowing something like this would happen. Nintendo.. your’e doing a very good job protecting your IP’s, keep it up.

  13. Lol. But seriously the guy should be lucky he wasn’t taken to court, sued, and sent to jail for god knows HOW long that would be. The creator of this so-called “fan-game” clearly doesn’t understand how copyrights work. Nintendo really needs to start taking down these type of games. Whether it’s from a passionate Nintendo fan, you just can’t distribute Nintendo’s IP’s like that. I’m still laughing at the fact that Rom-hacker wasted 8+ years on a fan-game and had yet to realize that it would be taken down eventually. Serves him right.

  14. It got leaked anyway. And now even MORE people know about the game’s existence! Seriously, fuck Nintendo and their xenophobic faggot new leader and anyone who continues to work their and their families.

  15. The sad moment of when Nintendo destroys hopes and dreams, as well as a fan’s imagination. It’s not an easy task for anyone to publish a game in order to get a Nintendo NDA developer’s licence. It’s extremely hard, people have to be extremely wealthy enough to create a business that can publish a game. When Nintendo or any gaming giant takes away a person’s imagination, that’s exactly how creativity is lost and destroyed.

    That’s why I’m gonna say this: Don’t ever give up on your ROM Hacks or any fan projects. No matter even if Nintendo issues a cease and desist notice or any DMCA notice, don’t ever give up ensuring that your fan project has a future. We have to fight on, make sure that it will spread throughout the internet, no matter how many authorities come running after us. We have to fight on, no matter what. We know all too well that gaming giants will try to use everything in their power to ensure they dictate over their IP. They won’t accept ideas from people that are not on their team. All we can do, is fight back!

    Also, I completely understand copyright law and know how it all works. But the truth is, it’s designed so that only the wealthiest of companies can survive. It’s pretty much survival-of-the-fittest when it comes to companies abiding to copyright law. Is this really the kind of world we want to see? No? Then perhaps you all could have voted for politicians in elections who support reverse engineering and fan games.

  16. Nintendo has every right to take down fan games. People may not like it, but it’s Nintendo’s right to protect their IPs. I highly doubt that the person that spent 8 years of their life working on this game didn’t know about copyright protection. The same thing happened with Uranium and it’ll continue to happen. I’m glad that Nintendo is protecting their IPs.

  17. Oh, but it’s perfectly fine for Treehouse to insert messages in Animal Crossing mocking their consummers.

  18. What’s wrong with defending Nintendo in this case? These are roms, people will see the opportunity and sell them on actual carts. You need to be more secretive about it. Have fun while it lasts and support them by buying the real releases and indie creators OWN original creations. Rom hacks are cool, but Nintendo doesn’t think so and they have no reason to change that. Move on with your lives.

    1. Actually, they aren’t “roms,” they are Rom patches that contain none of the actual code from the original game, nor the actual Pokemon Crystal rom, itself.

  19. Well, I got the game anyways! Played it for an hour or two on my Gameboy Color. It’s impressive how much they’ve added to the game to make it more modern, and it’s also impressive to see that they took some creative liberties such as, playing as a pokemon sometimes and some sidescroll segments.

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