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Micheal Pachter Says The Nintendo Switch Is The Easiest Console To Develop For

Famed video game industry analyst Michael Pachter has heard from his sources that the upcoming Nintendo Switch platform is the easiest system to develop for out of the three consoles currently available. This bodes well for third-party support on the platform which has in recent times posed a big problem for the Kyoto based company.

“I’ve actually heard from developers that Nintendo is the easiest of the big three to develop for.”

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40 thoughts on “Micheal Pachter Says The Nintendo Switch Is The Easiest Console To Develop For”

    1. why develop for a dead console? I bought a ps4 slim for 225 euro’s this past weekend while a Wii u cost 300 euro lol. Most triple A games can be bought for 10-30 euro’s besides FIFA and shooters if you wan’t to keep up with your online gameplay. Nintendo games usually never go below 40-50 euro’s ever.

      On top of that every solid WII U game will get released again on the switch so yeah.

      1. No idea in which European country you live, but over here you can find Wii U games for 15 to 25 euro’s in stores quite easy. Not the newest games, but still good games, so yeah.

      2. You can go to gamestop (in US) and get Wii U games pretty cheap. Anywhere between 10 – 25 dollars. I’m sure there’s somewhere over there that sales them cheap too. Don’t buy them new from retail buy them used.

  1. This is great for developers. We’ll see if people flock over to a Nintendo console for 3rd party games and if Nintendo loyalists actually support 3rd party games

  2. Why do we still listen to this overhyped moron. Patcher has a terrible track record of “predictions” and has proven he knows nothing of gaming industry trends time and time again. Stop giving this fool voice. His ridiculous predictions have done more harm than good to investors, gamers, and the industry as a whole.

  3. This not a surprise since Nvidia has done a lot of the ground work for the Switch. Porting and developing for the system will be a breeze since it supports Vulcan 1.0 and the latest version of Open GL and of course because of Nvidia’s unmatched tool sets and optimization features. As I’ve said before Nintendo is going for ease of development rather than super raw power and it’s a very smart move. I’m pretty sure Nintendo and Nvidia has plans to increase the capabilities of the Switch when the time is right

  4. I dont yoy people. Your always saying patcher is wrong in everything he says. But when it is something you like you are okay with it

    Its is he us always wrong, or always wrong when he goes against nintendo.

    1. I think a quote like this is in the middle… some of the problems with his statements is that they have been purely opinion based with nothing to base that off of.

      This is a rumor in some sense… things he is hearing as opposed to his opinion on the business outlook of Nintendo, which any of us could come up with who have followed the market trends and such over the past 5-10 years or more.

      Regardless… grains of salt till things get real on Jan 12th

  5. Does that mean Yooka-Laylee, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Street Fighter V+, J-Stars Victory VS, Unravel, Undertale, Cuphead, Sonic 2017, Sonic Mania, and past modern Sonic that SEGA kept from Nintendo confirmed?

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