Japan: Nintendo 3DS Has Surpassed PlayStation 2 Sales

Recent figures published by Japanese sales tracking firm Media Create reveal that the Nintendo 3DS has now surpassed sales of the mighty PlayStation 2 in the country. The Nintendo 3DS is now the third best-selling system in Japan, just behind the iconic Game Boy and the Nintendo DS.

  • Nintendo 3DS: 21 913 661
  • PlayStation 2: 21 833 216


Thanks to Unholy for the tip!


  1. Hot damn! It’s just amazing to see the 3DS doing this well in Japan during this era where there are smartphones and that! Nintendo’s handhelds are the magic over there :)

    1. Everyone and their mom (including me) thought the 3DS would flop and can never sell 20 million, hell even patcher said it was doomed from start and the vita would sell 20 million.

      1. When will people realize that Patcher is a hack. He fails at his job constantly and is arrogant is hell.

    1. ||It surpassed all Xboxes combined before each of them were even thought of…||

        1. ||It’s very amusing how you Xbots and humans alike keep believing in nonsense fairytales that holds no truth in any way whatsoever…||

          ||Like this Kallum name that you keep refering me to all the time, keep believing in your delusions, it gives me that much more power over your brains…||

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  2. I never understood the massive PS2 sales (in ANY country/continent). I mean, the Gamecube was FAR better than PS2, yet everyone wanted the PS2 instead. Why? Just because it played DVD’s? It’s a VIDEO GAME CONSOLE. I never used my PS2 for DVD’s, except for when I first bought one. But I eventually got a real DVD player and never used my PS2 for DVD’s again. Even to this day, in certain used game stores, I see TONS of PS2 games. But only a tiny section for Gamecube titles. What the heck? Why do I see SO many PS2 games at every used game store I go to (even thrift shops and yard sales), but rarely find Gamecube games?

    1. ||That’s exactly why about 60& bought a PS2, because of the non gaming gimmick DVD…||

      ||That’s exactly why Sonyans even buy these machines, when have you ever heard any Sonyan say they bought a PS2/PS3/PS4 because of its weapons?…||

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