Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann Says Super Mario Run Is One Of His Favourite Games Of 2016

Neil Druckmaan, the creative director over at esteemed development studio Naughty Dog, has revealed that the super-fun Super Mario Run is one of his favourite games of the year. He has certainly put a lot of time into the game, as proven in his tweet which you can view below.



        love what milenials think video gaming is SONY DID A MIND JOB ON YOU PUNKS

        1. I’m pretty sure “gamers” is a broad term that includes all type of individuals who like all kinds of interactive entertainment.

          A gamer can enjoy Mario and The Last of Us, one, or none.

            1. If all you play is Metroid or Nintendo then your perspective on which games are good or bad is invalid.

    1. Why would he need to take inspiration from a game that you referred to as ‘civilian’ and didn’t care for?

      1. ||Point out where I contradicted myself, if you can’t then you will be rendered invalid by default and no longer worth any time…||

        1. ||I thought many of you were true warriors instead you take these civilian tools as if they were as important and relevant as real weaponry…||

          ||To expand my point, I’m pointing out their frustration, anger or whatever emotions they have over these civilian tools, in your language they would be casual games…||

          1. ||I see nothing of any contradictory nature anywhere, explain yourself…||

            1. From your comments it seems like you’re displeased with Mario Run because it’s a casual mobile game but yet you post a comment here how Neil Druckmann should take inspiration from Mario run on his next game.

              1. ||If you are new then perhaps you’d like an explanation but if you aren’t then you clearly missed what my agenda is all about…||

                  1. ||I’m a Security Commander Drone programmed by Nintendo to protect its most vital weaponry, especially Metroid…||

                    ||Threats against pure gaming is of most importance and the Xbots stands for everything corrupted, Sonyans being the direct secondary threat since they opened the portal for these Xbot abominations…||

                    ||So when I say that these feline Sonyan allies should to take inspiration by that civilian nonsense, then you clearly should now know that my intent was never in any positive measure…||

                    ||And don’t bring up [Light] words as they are appalling…||

                    1. Haha. Thanks for the theater. Good luck with your mission. It would be good to stop every now and then and make waste of rabbid Nintendo fanboys as well. Fanboys of any kind are a cancer to gaming

  1. dude who helped make a non game learns what a video game is

    bet he was swipping the scren waiting for a cut scene to kick in couldnt understand why he actually had to play it and not just prompt a QTE or watch people talk in a cut scene POOR DUDE MUST HAVE SHIT HIS PANTS

      1. ONLY A SYTH THINKS IN ABSOLUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        WHO SIAD CUT SCENE VS NO CUT SCENE I SAID INDUSTRY TRASH ALLLLLL CUT SCENES AND Z LIST SCIPTS AND LOL ACTORS and watching peolle talk IS NOT VIDEO GAMING and the last time i checked tlou is a clunky mechanical mess with mechaniucal animation clunky controls AWFUL AIMING and ps1 level A.I

        trying to school me in video gaming go watch your cut scenes and aim with a stick seriuosly you baffoon OFFENDED kids

      2. Look not everything sony and naughty dog put out there are shite. But for me, the uncharted series as a whole and definitely the last of us was a gimmick, an interactive movie and nothing more. Uncharted 2 wasn’t bad though.

  2. It’s not really saying much when we was given shit like Paper Mario Color Trash and Mario & Sonic at the Rehash Olympics this year.

  3. If your only exposure to the Nintendo fan base was the comment section of this article, you might jump to the conclusion that Nintendo fans suck. 😶

    The negativity here is horrid. At least a big industry figure complimented Nintendo in a major way, and Switch is closer upon us. There are positive things to focus on here folks. The drought is almost over lol.

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