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Pokémon Tournament Punished Players For Incorrect Paperwork

Trouble is brewing at the European Pokémon tournament because of incredibly strict policing. Some players have been heavily penalised for incorrectly filling out their entry paperwork, practically being labelled cheaters. One entrant instantly received a loss because he accidentally listed his Pokémon holding a Miracle Seed instead of a Meadow Plate, two items with exactly the same effect. These strict rules seem to have been implemented because of potential hacking at the tournament. Do you think this is necessary? Tell us below.

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25 thoughts on “Pokémon Tournament Punished Players For Incorrect Paperwork”

      1. Yes, there is, but that doesn’t make it a correct source. This is supposed to be journalism, but it’s gossip. The Internet and laws that protect you from harm have dumbed down so many. It gets me hackles.

    1. Who said it was a kid the main people that play the game are neckbeards and people old enough to be parents themselves. (30+)

      1. The author’s photo is posted on the article’s page and regardless of age, he is someone’s child. Furthermore, “journalism” like this didn’t exist until recently. You do the math. Have a nice day. :)

  1. I understand regulations to some point, but disqualifying someone for something as small as that without investigation? That’s just not right. I believe in fair chances by regulations, but I think there should be an investigation team there to look into cases like that.

  2. I believe it is bad decision on the people who took them out of the tournament and a bad decision on the kids as well for not double checking the items each Pokémon had first before entering.

  3. you will lose any Magic the gathering Tournament, even pre-release tournaments if you fucks up the paper work of your deck.

    people is reacting bad cause TPC is now enforcing strict rules as other competitive games does???

      1. Pokemon was released in japan in 1996 but made its way to Western countries in 1998.
        This year pokemon celebrated its 20th anniversary.
        So what your saying is that those KIDS in the 90s that grew up with pokemon, followed pokemon all through the early 20th century, got ridiculed in high school for liking the recent pokemon games/anime/cards by first gen purists and became dedicated fans shouldn’t play…. because they got old?
        Congratulations. You actually made me do maths. I thought i was 10 when i got into pokemon, but i did the math and i was actually 8. I am now 25, and still play, collect, draw and a huge fan.
        But i shouldn’t be able to compete… because I’m an adult now and this is for kids… even though it was released in my generation…?
        Pokemon is for everyone, not just for the new kids that got into it.
        That’s like saying old people shouldn’t go to ACDC concerts when it’s from their generation.
        Perhaps when writing a comment so vague, you should look into the release dates of the game, and then look at the age group of players.

        1. still fucking stupid yes the series was good years ago but the games are the same shit u seen all the time the anime adaption is too predictable ash/satoshi will always fail at the end so why the fuck bother watching a failure all the time itgive players the impression no matter how hard you try you will always fail.

            1. Nyet, The games have done too much too late after reading up onthe story which isn’t bad by the way i feel aswell as a few hundred people at my University think that Pokemon Is only hanging in by feeding off the old school players those that have actually managed to get away from it are lucky

  4. That’s incredibly stupid. Both items boost grass type moves’ power by 20%! Unless the person had Fling as one of the Pokemon’s moves, neither is better than the other.

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