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Mario Party 2 Virtual Console Upgrade Discount Fixed

We already reported that Mario Party 2’s Wii U Virtual Console release lacked the usual discount for those who already bought the game for Wii. However, Nintendo has quickly noticed and fixed the problem. If you didn’t buy the N64 classic because of this issue, make sure to check it out now.


4 thoughts on “Mario Party 2 Virtual Console Upgrade Discount Fixed”

  1. People give Nintendo a lot of flak but ‘Please understand’ that even they make mistakes, Sony makes too many mistakes, no one bats an eye, Nintendo makes one mistake, the whole world looses its mind. I’m not saying don’t speak up for the dumb mistakes they make just don’t attack them.

  2. The Mario Party games are the #1 type of game I think would be fun to play online with others. I’d love to play Mario Party 2 online. I was SO good at that game. If only they’d add online features for VC games. And this is something I NEVER usually say. I’m normally against playing online with strangers.

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