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Nintendo Switch Experience Features A Big Band Concert

Along with the Switch presentation on January 12th and the Nintendo Switch Experience over the following days, Nintendo has announced that a Nintendo Game Music Live concert will be taking place in Tokyo on January 14th and 15th. Both a big band and a rock band will take to the stage to play some of the company’s most famous tunes. They will be performing the same set as they did at the Makuhari Messe for Niconico Chokaigi 2014. We can only hope that the concert eventually comes west. Check out the full show times below.

Saturday 14th January 2017
10.30 – 11am JST: Nintendo Special Rock Band
4.20 – 5pm JST: Nintendo Special Rock Band

Sunday 15th January 2017
10.30 – 11am JST: Nintendo Special Rock Band
4 – 5pm JST: Nintendo Special Big Band



  1. The Nintendo switch is not a replacement for the wiiu that we saw in the priview trailer by Nintendo that is want nintendo confirmed that the nintendo switch is not a console that has been planned as a wiiu sucksessor to replace the wiiu but the nintendoMH

    1. I google nintendo mh and saw it was quite obviously fake.You don’t even know how to interpret rumours right. That MH rumour said the mh would be a handheld so obviously not a succesor to wii u.

  2. Nintendo confirmed it is working on a new console called the nintendo MH as well as the nintendo switch at the same time

      1. Nintendo has said that the nintendo switch is not a replacement for the wiiu and donold trump was not elected by the people of america to run America the iluminatti could have rigged the election to control the population

  3. So that would probably include the iconic Super Mario Bros theme, the Legend of Zelda theme, the Metroid/Brinstar theme (hopefully- it will have been the best thing they’ve done with Metroid in the past 6 years then), something from DKC, and maybe some stuff from newer series like Splatoon.

    Or maybe they are doing it to send cryptic hints about what games they have in Switch’s pipeline?

      1. You forgot skeleton’s comment since he’s not the only one feeling no hype for Switch.

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